Ocean View In The City Pocitos Uruguay Real Estate February 2023

Uruguay Apartment Rentals in the City by the Sea

Many people choose each summer to stay in Pocitos, Punta Ballena, or other neighborhoods, located very close to the center of Punta del Este, where only the birds and the conversation of a screaming neighbor are heard.

The urban perimeter of Punta del Este houses numerous apartments comfortably equipped to stay in the most central points of Punta Ballena. On the other hand, with Sea View In The City, Pocitos Uruguay Real Estate February 2023, or other coasts such as Mansa and Brava beaches are bordered by buildings that offer incredible views of the sea. You can rent apartments offered by individuals, reserve a suite in an apartment, enjoying excellent hotel services. When planning your visit to Punta del Este, an excellent option is to choose the temporary rental apartments.

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Punta del Este is the destination chosen by many.It is known for its white sand beaches, its houses with gardens and plants from around the world, and of course for its glamor and luxury.

April to October is the hottest and rainiest season, but it does not mean that it will rain during your entire stay. It may rain very heavily for a couple of hours, usually in the late evening, which helps to cool off the environment. The temperature can reach 34 ° C with a high percentage of humidity. You should bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, light clothing (made of natural fibers that dry quickly), comfortable shoes such as flip-flops, sandals, a folding umbrella, and a rain jacket in case.

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Every sunset it becomes almost irresistible to go out when the sun sets; A multitude of cars and visitors come to La Ballena to enjoy incredible almost perfect sunsets, with the additional attraction of Casapueblo, the highly recommended visit to Carlos Páez Vilaró's atelier, which receives visitors to our neighborhood every day. < / p>

We also recommend walking in the opposite direction along the panoramic view for about 150 meters towards Portezuelo, towards the Whalers Club, in a very pleasant walk, which can be finished off at the club bar with good food and drinks day and night .

The urban perimeter of Punta del Este houses numerous apartments comfortably equipped to stay in the most central points of Punta Ballena. On the other hand, the coasts of the Mansa and Brava beaches are lined with buildings that offer incredible views of the sea. You can rent apartments offered by individuals, reserve a suite in an apartment, enjoying excellent hotel services.

The best possibility for your visit. Temporary Rent Apartments or Rent for Holidays

Punta Ballena is a very quiet place with excellent views and surrounded by beautiful houses and mansions. It is the only Sierra in the entire Peninsula which allows you to have the best views of the entire city. An extraordinary place for walks and / hikes in the morning and at sunset. With own means 24-hour security, optional maid service.

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For those who decide to rent houses in Punta del Este, the offer is very varied, since it includes houses of different styles in all areas of the spa. The real estate offer of houses in Punta del Este offers a variety of the best, whether it is a couple or a family with some participants. For a vacation of absolute comfort, take a look here at the different options for renting houses in Punta del Este.

The good thing about renting an apartment instead of going to a hotel is the feeling that at least for that day, you are going to live in Punta del Este.

Coming out of the fish tank of a hotel, really mingling with people, shopping at the market, feeling like you are at home is a completely different experience than you might have while staying in a hotel.

Excursions and Attractions

De abril a octubre es la época más calurosa y la más lluviosa, pero no significa que lloverá durante toda tu estancia. Puede que llueva con mucha intensidad durante un par de horas, generalmente por la tarde por la noche, lo que ayuda a refrescar el ambiente

For the tourist of Punta del Este, there are a number of walks to take.

All of Punta del Este is really a walk, it is a garden city and wherever you go you will see beautiful houses, meticulous gardens with plants brought from all over the world, wide avenues and boulevards and a neatness and security difficult to find in other South American cities.

Lobos Island :

Take part in a two-hour excursion with your family to Isla de Lobos, the largest natural reserve for sea lions in South America. Discover the two resident species of sea lions on the island, the fur seal wolf "with a population of 180,000 specimens and the two-haired wolf sea lion" with a population of 12,500 specimens. They are occasionally joined by the sea elephants, in addition to the birds that nestle on the ground.
The excursion allows you to bathe with sea lions and includes navigation in a boat that departs every day from the port of Punta del Este.


With almost 20 kilometers of beach coastline, Piriápolis is one of the closest Uruguayan resorts. Located in the department of Maldonado, 98 km east of Montevideo, it has a port where you can see both luxury yachts and old fishermen's barges, a chairlift that goes up to the San Antonio hill, a French-style promenade and a large number of restaurants specializing in fish and seafood.

La Paloma and La Pedrera

Much smaller and more exclusive than its neighbor La Paloma, La Pedrera is a charming seaside resort that sits on a cliff overlooking the waters of the Atlantic. It has two different beaches: El Barco beach, which is deeper, frequented by young people and surfers, and Desplayado, which is flatter and more familiar. Although it has grown a lot, La Pedrera preserves the calm rhythm of the Rocha towns, but with some aristocratic touches.

When you think about spending the summer in this extraordinary destination, the possibilities of Punta del Este are several and there are options for all budgets and tastes. That is why if you decide to visit this unmissable place, you just have to look for the most suitable option in Uruguay for you.

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