Beachfront Property in Uruguay for Sale, Punta del Este Summer 2023

Beachfront Property in Uruguay for Sale, Punta del Este Summer 2023

Apart Punta del Este is always on the podium of the most visited tourist destinations in the region every year and continues to attract a huge number of tourists from around the world. Called by some the Saint-Tropez in the south, for the beauty of its beaches, the charm of its various spas and streets always full of exquisite places to eat, every year good portion of the nearly three million tourists who visit takes Uruguay. Punta del Este carries the most cosmopolitan spirit, and so can be found restaurants with cuisine of all kinds, from the most classical to the most exotic. When night falls, you can see many celebrities and show business personalities from around the world come to fill the Esteña glamorous night. Punta del Este is also host to art fairs, fashion shows and film festivals internationally. No minor is Glitter in this circumstance to be port of several international luxury cruise liners, whose passengers can disembark and enjoy for a few days of this resort.

As you would expect with such a volume of visitors, Punta del Este has to offer a huge variety of food service and accommodation and many excursions, art walks, water sports services, etc. So much so that there are over a hundred hotels of three to five star hotels, including the classic Conrad Hotel L'Auberge and counted. Also, are numerous aparts, resorts, lodges, hostels, and a wide range of apartments and houses for rent in many sizes and in all areas. In this paper we review some of the options out there to stay in Punta del Este. Of all the options, the most suitable for each varies depending on the budget, taste, length of stay, number of people and ages and preferences for activities, among other factors.

Punta del Este

The hotel is the most classic form of accommodation and depending on how many stars they have, offer many amenities. For very short stays of fewer passengers may be an excellent choice. But as it has against its high price, the existence of fixed schedule for all the many people that we have to cross all the time, the need to always eat out, which is expensive and not very healthy, especially for children. And speaking of children, whatever parent knows how difficult it is to try our children to play and enjoy without causing noises that disturb the peace of others. Is that the hotel corridors are not places to run, but kids are kids.

Something of freedom: Camping, bungalows and hotels in Punta del Este apart

These are options that offer a little more freedom and privacy, allowing some degree of autonomy, while usually have kitchen, garden, pool, added to a base hotel service may include maid service and breakfast, for example. Hotels aparts are more commonly found in the center, while the other two are located in remote places or wilder. Your cost may be lower than the average hotel.


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Bed and apart in Punta del Este for Rent In Punta del Este

There are a lot of homes for her acting both as monthly or bi weekly and even daily rental. It is an excellent choice for a not so high price that allows enjoy freedom, comfort and privacy, as if you were in the house itself. These properties usually come equipped with everything you need, so travelers have to move only their clothes and cosmetics. The rental price is fixed, ie it does not vary with the number of passengers. Therefore it is highly recommended for families or groups of friends. To cook at home also reduces costs and allows health care following a balanced diet as we follow at home. The ability to cook, invite friends, staying in watching movies on a rainy afternoon, or moved by what you want is what makes this a favorite choice, especially for families or couples who stay several days. Renting a house gives you the opportunity to have a garden to enjoy, place for children, and not have to be going or yes to the beach because the kids get restless. Properties to rent are in all spas in the center and in remote areas such as Punta Ballena, La Barra or springs.

Cheaper than the above is the hostel, including areas in which rooms are shared among all travelers. It is very good choice for young people looking to meet people from other parts, but not so good for families or others who want a little privacy.


The camping is because of its low cost site hosting youth who spend holidays with friends. So choose some adventurous parents to their young children can live the experience that can be fun and stimulating. But it's not for everyone.

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