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An Ideal City with Montevideo Apartments for Rent

Beautiful City, Luxury Building Rentals, Apartment Rentals Montevideo Uruguay Real Estate February 2023

Montevideo is ideal for both young people and adults. It is a quiet and safe city with many places to visit and with a large number of cultural, artistic and gastronomic activities.

Among the apartments that are offered for rent in La Cite, apartments and houses in different areas of Montevideo and also of different sizes and values ​​are recommended.

This makes this accommodation option advisable for couples, families or groups of friends.

However, if the tourist is looking for privacy and also tranquility, the excellent option is to rent properties in specific places.

Just by writing to us and telling us your needs we will find the property we are needing

Those who travel as a family and especially with children, can find a varied accommodation proposal in Punta del Este, with numerous resorts, serviced apartments, summer houses and tourist stays. They all offer special spaces for children with games and activities so that the whole family can enjoy beautiful moments together.

This is the opinion of those who chose us:

 Apartments for Rent, In the city, the best rentals, Apartment Rentals Montevideo Uruguay Real Estate February 2023. Rent apartments in Uruguay, properties for rent Montevideo. When you think about spending the summer in this extraordinary destination, the possibilities are many and there are options for all budgets and tastes. That is why if you decide to visit this unmissable place, you just have to look for the most suitable option for you.

A common apartment, half old but excellent option for its location and its cost. It was close to everything and to go out at night the location is ideal. Our budget was limited so we inquired about the costs of each item. The great thing was that the expenses were as the real estate had told us, and there were no surprises, without a doubt we will consult again next time.

Juan Carlos, Maldonado

"Very good experience! The apartment is as seen in the photos. The building is very safe, and the doormen and serene very good and helpful people. Always ready to help in everything. The cleanliness of the apartment is impeccable and the hosts very busy with everything we need. On the day of arrival they were waiting for us with a cold drink in the refrigerator: a great gesture !! Conclusion: the place and the hosts highly recommended !! Thank you La Cite Inmobiliaria for getting it! "

Roque, Buenos Aires

The Llamadas party and parade

One of the most striking and colorful festivals that takes place in Montevideo is the Llamadas parade, the highest manifestation of Afro-Uruguayan culture. It is the largest festival of candombe, a musical genre that emerged from the rhythms brought by the African slaves who came to the country during the colony.

The name "Llamadas" derives from the traditional communication brought from Africa by slaves, who used their drums to transmit messages from a distance.

This traditional parade crosses the streets of the Sur and Palermo neighborhoods with their groups of blacks and lubolos (whites characterized by black to participate in carnivals, a figure that was established from the 1870s) who march accompanied by ropes of drums.

More than 6,000 artists parade through the streets of Isla de Flores and Carlos Gardel, following the flag bearers and standard bearers of each group.

The port of Montevideo receives mostly cargo ships, although it is also the anchor point for hundreds of cruise ships that arrive during the summer season. However, the most used boat connection is from Argentina to the port of Colonia del Sacramento, a trip that takes just one hour. The ferry company Buquebus and Colonia Express have first class buses that make the transfer to Montevideo in less than two hours, included in the boat ticket ..

A Point not to be missed in Montevideo, LA GASTRONOMIA

Uruguayan gastronomy continues to maintain culinary rituals from centuries ago, from the time of the gauchos. Anywhere you will find excellent barbecues to taste the best meats in the country. In fact, Uruguay holds the record for the largest barbecue in the world. But you should not miss trying the chivito, the fried cakes, the milanesas, the empanadas and the dulce de leche. In the coastal area, in addition, we can find a great variety of fish dishes, cooked according to Spanish traditions.

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