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Uruguay, a good country to Live, with excellent Apartments and Houses

Punta del Este Apartments and other Cities

Holidays on the coast of Uruguay. It is an excellent place to choose and spend your holidays, or to Live all Year Resting near the sea we recharge the energies were spent during the year and leave us refreshed to start again. Ideal both for traveling with family, friends or alone, Uruguay is a place where no matter what company you have or not, you will always find something fabulous to do.

Spacious Apartments in Punta del Este.

Nothing better to choose a department to spend your holiday. Choose a comfortable and spacious place is ideal to spend your days relaxing on the Uruguayan coast. The apartments for rent in Punta del Este are specially prepared for those tourists who spend their holidays there with all the luxuries and amenities you will not find anywhere else.

Choose the time of your holiday.

The times work different for different people so there is no fixed date for vacation. You can choose the time, whether a few days or a weekend, as a fortnight or a month at any time of year. Arrange your free time is indistinct when choosing where to stay on your holidays as La Cite is a realtor with effective hosting can bring you where you want, when you want, as long as you want.

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Holiday fortnight in Uruguay.

When planning a vacation, we choose the time and the season in which we want to go. Rent an apartment for a fortnight is very common in the Uruguayan summer. Sometimes prices vary fortnight and month. It is best to advise us according to our needs, our time and our budget. You must accommodate your needs within two weeks,

Why rent apartments in Punta del Este?

Rent apartments in Punta del Este is the most convenient way to enjoy our holiday full of relaxation and nature. A department gives us the freedom to manage our schedules as you want without having to rely on a schedule imposed by a hotel. Besides the price paid does not vary depending on the amount of people that we travel.

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Vacation any time of year.

Sometimes we do not have the time to go on vacation during the summer but that's not a problem to travel to Punta del Este is because all year season. Punta del Este is a spa resort town 365 days a year as visiting tourists not only from neighboring countries but also tourists from around the world, places where free time advantage of their summer vacation to explore the city. Tip: A growing tourist area.
What was once just a seaside resort today is a cosmopolitan city with a whole extra fabulous to be surrounded by beautiful beaches. Punta del Este has a center with the best clothing brands, top restaurants and entertainment for the whole family as cinemas and theaters and casinos also for the enjoyment of the greatest

Uruguay: Entertainment for the whole family.

Punta del Este is the ideal choice for a holiday with the whole family in a luxurious and spacious apartment instead. Wherever they choose, or both near the port closest to the center, you will always find a place where your whole family can have a great time while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Punta del Este.


  Unique and luxurious with in the city or the beach apartments for sale in uruguay

Houses with beautiful ocean views.

Nothing better to choose an apartment overlooking the sea to enjoy our vacation. Departments with ocean give us a sense of peace and tranquility that can be found in very few places. If we add that the apartment has easy access to the beach, becomes the ideal place to relax on our vacation choice.

Beautiful beaches to enjoy the summer.

The beaches of Punta del Este are the most beautiful beaches in South America. Its crystal clear waters and white sand make this city in a summer tourist spot chosen again and again by travelers around the world and not just Uruguay and neighboring countries. Port also has a beautiful view of the nearby smaller islands such as Isla de Lobos, full of sea lions.

Search apartments in Punta del Este.

It is ideal to choose a beautiful apartment for a great vacation in Punta del Este. To find apartments in Punta del Este ideally contact a local realtor who can advise us. La Cite has many years of experience and gives both Argentina and Europe which gives prestige and quality and transforms into a real estate agency.

Holidays with friends.

Today it is very common for groups of friends get together to travel and go on holiday together. Punta del Este is a great city to do so because it has a nightlife and downtown area of ​​entertainment for all tastes and to avoid boredom. A shop in Punta del Este is the best choice for the comfort of a group of friends to not have to rely on other schedules.

Wide variety in Uruguayan cuisine.

The city of Punta del Este has a center full of gastronomic diversity. You can find many options to enjoy the best national and international cuisines from around the world at various restaurants in the city. The best chefs in the country or foreigners working to bring the kitchen to a gourmet level of excellence for everyone.

Rent, Punta del Este per day.

Punta del Este is also a place that you can enjoy for a few days. Search apartments in Punta del Este to just spend a weekend is ideal. That way we do not depend on the schedules of a hotel and we can enjoy the cuisine of different downtown restaurants to try variety of food and not stay with one place.

Buy apartments in Punta del Este.

Another option for those who choose to Punta del Este as a fixed holiday inn is the purchase of an apartment. That way no longer have to worry about where to spend your holidays and always go to different homes or apartments. We can choose a place that fits our family group and be our without having to think and worry about the place where we spend the holidays.

Differences between staying in a hotel and rent.

Are large differences between renting an apartment and stay in a hotel to go on vacation, not only in money but also in comfort. When renting an apartment, there are no time restrictions and meals, we can spend time in the department we want without having to stay in a room alone but we have an entire department to enjoy a day inside.

Options for fun.

Punta del Este is a city resort with a great variety of entertainment options for all tastes. From movie theaters to casinos and natural areas. Punta del Este has a view of the Isla de Lobos, an island full of seals, hence its name. Other strong points is the lighthouse tour and in turn you can enjoy the center and entertainment areas.

Plan the vacation of your dreams.

Nothing better to plan your dream vacation in paradise as Punta del Este. Your postcard scenery with almost American-style coastal town is ideal for a relaxing time on the beautiful beaches of the city. Departments to stay are specially equipped for comfort and entertainment for a holiday without any worry.

Family vacation.

To enjoy a family holiday in full comfort, it is best to consider renting an apartment if we travel to Punta del Este. La Cite has numerous amounts of apartments for rent in the city to suit your needs. That way you can enjoy the city and all its beaches and tourist sites with total freedom and comfort.

Pristine beaches. The largest and most well known beaches of Punta del Este are Playa Mansa and Playa Brava. The beaches are ideal for families to enjoy Playa Brava and has direct access to the Isla de Lobos, full of sea lions view. Both beaches have fine sand and sea depth gradually making them quiet for families with children.

Tourist Spots.

Punta del Este has several tourist spots to enjoy while vacationing in the city. One is Casapueblo, a living sculpture of the Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró which is now a hotel with a museum, a gallery and a cafe. Casapueblo is located in Punta Ballena. Among other points is also El Faro, the Isla de Lobos and Isla Gorriti.

You decide the time you go on vacation.

Sometimes we are lucky to accumulate enough days off to take an entire holiday season. When that is the case, it is convenient to rent an apartment for all that we have free season since it is much more convenient than hotel accommodations for that long.

The Center of Punta del Este.

Gorlero Avenue is the strongest commercial area of ​​Punta del Este. Among its features we can mention the palm trees along the avenue and around them, multinational brands and entertainment venues as varied ranging from movies and video games for the kids to pubs and casinos for larger.

Natural landscape in the middle of a city.

Punta del Este is a city surrounded by an idyllic natural landscape. Not far from the cosmopolitan town are the beaches and islands full of nature to enjoy a summer full of outdoor blue sky and sea. To this we can add the most typical animals that populate one of its islands.
An ideal place to enjoy the beach weather.
The climate of Punta del Este is the place to enjoy the beach and outdoor activities during the summer. Possessing a subtropical climate for the location in parallel, temperatures are pleasant during the summer and can be extended to reach the fall. During the winter you can also make use of the beach, it is chosen for those who practice windsurfing.

Cultural Mix. A Punta del Este tourists from all over the world who come not only by air but also by close to downtown harbor where many foreigners coming ashore cruise around the world come.

Different areas and neighborhoods to choose from.
The areas to rent an apartment or house in Punta del Este are many and varied. Some people prefer to settle near the center and the coast in the heart of Punta del Este but also the ability to be located east of the city where you can find unspoilt beaches and very uncrowded.
Especially Sublet.

We ensure that all departments are specially furnished for rent thinking about your comfort and entertainment for you to spend a carefree holiday with the best fun in and out of house.

Choose a property according to our needs. The holidays come in different forms. Fortnightly, seasonal or maybe even just a weekend. The Cite gives you the ability to choose how, when and where with the best options in terms of comfort and price.