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Uruguay Sun Beaches and Dream Vacations, Punta del Este

This season, a greater number of local tourists preferred to vacation on the beaches of Brazil and Uruguay rather than on the Argentine coast.

Since rentals in Punta del Este are varied and range widely, here are some facts to keep in mind when deciding to rent properties in Punta del Este.

Our portal contains useful information about Uruguay and Punta del Este. But those who decide to temporarily rent apartments in Punta del Este do so because they prioritize safety above all.

Uruguay Sun Beaches and Dream Vacations, Punta del Este Real Estate Apartment, the Best Properties to Rent or Buy

We have numerous apartments for rent with a beautiful view of the Mansa and Brava beaches as well as the city of Punta del Este from large windows on high floors.

Summer Punta del Este Rent at the best price in Punta del Este.

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La Cité is a serious tool to find the properties you are looking for in the main resort of Uruguay, where we offer properties for sale and for rent, houses for rent in punta del este, houses for sale in punta del este, apartments in rent in punta del este, apartments for sale in punta del este, premises for sale and for rent, land, lots in private neighborhoods, and fractions in country clubs for sale, farms for sale and for rent.

We have created this website to bring you closer to our company and its portfolio of properties for sale and rent; to provide you with information on requirements and costs that you need if you are going to buy rent a property in Punta del This, and to answer the frequently asked questions of interested owners when they put their property up for sale and rent.

Our team will be able to advise you in native language, and will respond immediately with the updated offer of houses in those best areas of Punta, flats, apartments and properties with ocean views, Penthouses and also luxurious residences for rent to spend the year objective, to enjoy a whole month, by season to live all year.

Punta del Este is the destination chosen by many. Its colony of sea lions is also important

It should be noted that after Alaska, in Uruguay we find the second largest colony of sea lions settled on Isla de Lobos, near Punta del Este. Deciding on a house rental in Punta del Este means opting for a larger place, having a garden, a patio, a terrace, and above all, more privacy.

Through our portal you can find the best proposals for properties for sale and rent. The works continue at a good pace despite the fact that 2015 was not the best year; Optimism prevails for this season and many Argentines chose this destination to go on vacation, which is why a very good season is expected.

We are Associates of the Uruguayan Real Estate Chamber (CIU) that brings together the leading Real Estate Agents from all over the Country, and we belong to the Association of Real Estate Agents of Punta del Este (ADIPE) that brings together the most prestigious and long-standing real estate agents in the local market together with our fellow property managers from Punta del Este.

Our database is fed with information on properties and real estate for sale and rent provided by both individuals and other associated real estate agencies.

We have apartments with the best comforts.

Large windows allow you to enjoy the beauty of Punta del Este and its beaches from every room. In line with the statements of the Uruguayan Real Estate Chamber, Mariano Sardáns, CEO of a wealth management company, argued that investment in the Punta del Este area is not at its best moment, mainly by Argentines, who make up about 70% owners in Punta del Este.

The rental of apartments in Punta del Este is chosen by those who prefer to spend a summer without having to worry that their belongings are safe in the place where they live, nor be afraid when opening and closing the gate to get the car out.

Punta del Este receives millions of tourists a year, so it has a wide variety of apartments for the vast majority of tastes and also pockets, offering the best options for perfect accommodation.

As in most summer resort areas, rentals in Punta del Este are more expensive in the high season period, which begins at the end of December and runs through February.

The Argentines who chose Brazil this summer, which will be more than two million, according to the Brazilian tourism entity (Embratur), prefer to travel with everything insured. In Punta del Este, for its part, the panorama has changed and it is speculated that there will be about 8% more Argentines than the previous year on those beaches.

With the end of the exchange rate stocks, greater optimism and a different attitude can be seen in the Argentine tourist who has come in large numbers to spend the summer; but still, it is early to carry out a detailed evaluation of the season since we are in the first half of January and we should not rush to draw conclusions.”

For the Best Stays, La Cité Uruguay Real Estate

All of this raises the problem of getting a house.

Although with less importance since it is not definitive, even if you only want to go away for a while, to a rented house, search from a distance and abroad has its twists and turns.

The web, an unparalleled resource for prior research

Gone are the days when looking for a house in an unknown city was an adventure, exaggerating a bit, almost comparable to going into the jungle or looking for a port to anchor on the Asian coast.

Without previous data, without knowing any real estate agency, it meant several days of searching until finding something that seemed reliable.

Today, the internet allows us to somehow get to know a city before arriving there. That we see photos of houses that we may want to see. That we can meet and communicate with real estate agencies in Punta del Este from a distance.

This has made things much easier and so today it is possible to travel with a previous study, which greatly reduces the time necessary to stay for such purposes.

To buy or to rent | La Cite Real Estate

Of course, renting is not the same as buying, as in one case a mistake will only mean, at most, a displeasure, a temporary discomfort, a vacation not as good as it should have been, while a purchase, is for what Whatever it is, it is a financially very important decision. A mistake can ruin our economy, or bring us endless anguish.

However, we can see a certain similarity in terms of the strategy we propose, which is to go with a very clear picture of what we want and what we don't want.

Those looking for a low-cost vacation can also choose Punta del Este as their destination and enjoy the beauty that the city offers

The selection of the best properties in the Peninsula, Playa Mansa, Playa Brava, Pinares, Punta Ballena, Chihuahua, Solanas, Paradas, San Rafael, Golf, Rincón del Indio, La Barra, Montoya, Manantiales, Bikini, El Chorro , Punta de Piedras, Balneario Buenos Aires, Santa Mónica, José Ignacio, and passing the Laguna Garzón on the coasts of the Department of Rocha. You can find it at La Cité Real Estate

Why choose La Cite Real Estate

La Cite Inmobiliaria is your best option to sell or rent houses in Punta del Este. Despite the fact that there are many real estate agents, we stand out since we offer things that no other offers. These are:

- 21 years of experience in Punta del Este.

- Team of professionals who speak Spanish, English and German.

- Many properties and clients.

- Company registered with the Ministry of Tourism as a real estate broker.

- Tailor-made solutions for your property.

- Membership in ADIPE (Punta del Este Real Estate Association)

- Your property for sale will be published on our website in three languages, positioned by a team of professionals in search engines in the United States and Europe.

- We have professionals (lawyers, accountants, public notaries) of excellent quality.

Property management service

If you leave your property with us, at any time you decide to come, you will have it in perfect condition to live in or show it for sale or rent. These properties are checked twice a week to clean and ventilate them (obviously by people we trust completely).

Every time the house is visited, it is observed that everything is in good condition and in case any repair or maintenance needs to be done, the owners will be informed and we will take care of finding quotes to present to you to fix everything quickly and easily.

Contact Us, and a member of our team will advise you on what you need, Real Estate La Cite Uruguay, Advice to buy, sell, rent, live or vacation.

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