Best Beaches. House Rental Punta del Este January 2023

How to get to Uruguay, and Rent a Property in Punta del Este

Punta del Este is located in the department of Maldonado, 138 kilometers from Montevideo and 693 kilometers from Buenos Aires. As it is the main coastal destination in the country, it is easily accessible from different parts of the country and from other countries, through all means of transport.

A place to visit

On Chorro beach, passing Terrazas de Manantiales and right in front of the Selenza development is the trendiest hostel of the season.

This is the time to choose House Rental Punta del Este January 2023 or Apartments for your next Vacation.

To see House rental in Punta del Este, first you have to know how to get there!

Although many people choose it to have lunch for dinner, it is one of the most privileged points to see the sunset, the best time to go to Selenza is just before the sun goes down, to enjoy some delicious drinks and a bite watching the night arrive. On the beach it has lounge chairs, a kids club, music and an external bar so the movement is both outside and inside.

From its terminal station in Buenos Aires (Argentina), located in Puerto Madero, the ships of Buquebus, Seacat and Colonia Express depart daily for Colonia, Montevideo and Punta del Este. There are several daily frequencies that leave from the port for different destinations. You can get a round trip ticket, one way from Buenos Aires to Uruguay.

In the case of Buquebus, you have the possibility of taking your bicycle, motorcycle, car and even your pet in the ship's hold.

One of the most sought after things during the summer is the good location of the house to be rented.

It is always better to be close to the beach.

 House Rental Punta del Este January 2023, where to rent in Punta del Este, to enjoy beautiful places, extensive beaches, or a city with all services, restaurants, confectioneries, and many daytime and nighttime attractions.

If you come with children, it is advisable to rent near Mansa beach because this side of the shore has much calmer waters. We also recommend that it be close to the center, and that if you need to take a walk with the children it is a good idea to be close to Avda. Gorlero, the artisans square, the port, the boulevard, and all the attractions that the city has. .

On the other hand, from stop one de la brava onwards it is more oceanic and with higher waves. Without a doubt, it will be more entertaining for children (depending on their ages) but also more dangerous.

The Playa de Pinares is a bit far from the peninsula and the scene. It is at the height of stop 40 of the mansa beach (the higher the number farther from the peninsula) before reaching the Laguna del Diario.

Rincón del Indio is on Brava Beach, relatively close to the Barra Bridge. It's a bit far and it doesn't have much access to services.

Montoya is on route 10 after passing the bar. It has a lot of movement and is the main beach for surfers. Very entertaining and with a lot of waves.

In La Barra is all the movement for young people.

This is the time to choose the house or apartment for your next vacation.

Renting a house allows you to enjoy many common spaces and to be able to rest while the children play, without having to be aware of where they are if you can simply take them to the beach.

If you like to cook, in general, houses that have gardens have a grill, and since it's always Sunday on holidays, it's a good time to throw something on the grill. Either meat, pork or the same little fish that we could have caught at dawn.

If you go with friends, or want to share expenses, the house is always a good option too.

Although it is reputed to be more expensive, when accommodating several passengers, the cost-benefit ratio is definitely convenient.

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