The Best Properties in Uruguay Land Wonderful Beaches for Vacations

Country Houses in Uruguay, to Enjoy and Rest

Data for renting houses throughout the country

The houses are the queens of the city. With large expanses of parks and spectacular views of the Uruguayan landscape, the properties of the Esteña city are true gems to rent.

Characteristics of houses in Punta del Este

The Properties of Punta del Este are entirely Houses with high comfort, equipped with the best equipment for the stay. In addition, since the constructions are adapted to nature, preserving the paradise that is Punta del Este, they have an enviable view.

Houses for rent by season

Renting by season is a good option for vacations or business trips. For this reason, the real estate market offers a wide variety of houses to rent, such as chalets or farms in many of the areas of the Esteña peninsula.

House rental for the whole family

The housing offer offers a range of options, whether it is a couple or a family with many members. For the former you can find cabins and for the latter large houses with huge parks.

Rental prices in Punta del Este

In relation to house prices, it is important to take into account two points:

The Best Properties in Uruguay Land Wonderful Beaches for Vacations

Punta del Este high season rentals

The summer season is the one with the highest demand for properties, so a price increase is foreseeable on those dates, the case of rentals during other times of the year being different.

Places in Punta del Este to rent

On the other hand, prices will vary depending on where you rent, since there are also offers for those looking for less luxury and more savings.

Advantages of renting houses in Punta del Este

Opting to rent Houses in Punta del Este is a smart decision, since you will enjoy large parks and exceptional amenities and benefits that an apartment does not have.

To enjoy an incomparable view of the Esteña Coast.

Areas to rent in Punta del Este

All areas of Punta del Este are beautiful places to rent, there are more sophisticated areas and others for low-cost tourism, but none of them are without the natural beauty that characterizes the city. Some of the neighborhoods where you can find houses for rent in Punta del Este are:

  • - Residential neighborhoods -

  • - - Portezuelo

  • - - Pine forests

  • - - The Bar

  • - - Springs

  • - - José Ignacio

  • - - Whale Point

  • - - Chihuahua

  • Times for rental houses in Punta del Este

    It is important to know that during the summer months there are only monthly or fortnightly rentals available, but in low season the houses can be rented by the week, weekend or day.

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This site has been designed to offer you all the properties for sale and rent from a friendly and versatile search engine and to provide you with useful information for your stay and investment in Punta del Este: maps, currency rates, weather conditions, consultation of your taxes in the Municipal Government of Maldonado, consultation of telephone directory, events and news of interest.

    Rent houses in Punta del Este summer

    The months of high season, with more influx of tourists, are like in all coastal places, the months of January and February, so you have to know when to start looking for houses to rent and not be left out.

    Houses in Punta del Este

    To rent in Punta del Este for the month of January, it is advisable to start looking for a place during the year, approximately between August and September. Since there is so much demand for that month, you have to plan not to run out of space.

    Although, in February or March, months that have less demand than January, it is also advisable to search before the summer begins to ensure the stay.

    Houses in Punta del Este all year round

    For those who need to rent a house throughout the year in Punta del Este, surrounded by the natural beauty of the city, there is a wide variety of rentals in Punta del Este for the entire year.

    Houses for sale in Punta del Este

    For those who decide to settle definitively in Punta del Este, the real estate market offers various property purchase options. In addition, it is also important to know that there are real estate agencies that offer comprehensive relocation services.

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