Apartments, Houses, Punta del Este Real Estate for Sale

Apartments, Houses, Punta del Este Real Estate for Sale

Discover Punta del Este Uruguay

A tourist destination full of possibilities

Punta del Este is mostly known for its spas and beaches, however, there is much more to know than this. There are many sites to visit, such as the impressive port of Punta del Este where you can enjoy an evening watching the boats, or stroll along the Avenida Gorlero, after walking around the Artigas Square. Each of these points, among many others, shows little the personality of this city.

Leisure and sports in the beaches of Punta del Este

In general, when the beach is sought as a destination for holidays, think about what kind of beach wanted: A quiet place with calm waters or high waves for water sports like surfing? In the case of Punta del Este is no need to choose one or the other: almost opposite but coexisting in the same city are "La Brava" and "gentle", both appointed by the intensity and smoothness of its waters and that perfectly describe the environment that each manages to generate.

Options neighborhoods in this city

Punta del Este has a range of integrated neighborhoods that although the general tone of the city differ from each other by what they offer: closest to the beach, traditional style with ranches and farms, most central and urban country air. It all depends on the experience you want to achieve and preferences that contribute to your comfort is priority. Neighborhoods like Chihuahua, Jose Ignacio, Punta Ballena and bar are some of the favorite places for tourists to stay and spend their holidays.

Live in safety and peace of mind every day

Uruguay is a country that stands out in Latin America as one of the safest, with less theft and acts of violence recorded in the region, making it an attractive area for those in search of tranquility.

La Barra and the Beach.

Animated tranquility and watersports

Just 10 kilometers from Punta del Este, on the east bank of the creek Maldonado is La Barra, a small seaside town whose permanent inhabitants are less than 500.

It is a magical place which preserves the charm of its origins as a fishing village, with modest and colorful houses and streets designed to easily reach the sea. Preferred by many tourists, the place has adapted to them offering a variety of restaurants and pubs but without losing the essence of small town.

Rolling bridges unite La Barra & Punta del Este

punta del este real estate for sale. Characteristics of the area are its beaches, which added to its beauty waves of considerable height that allow all kinds of sports: windsurfing, surfing, motosky, water skiing. LaBarra. La Barra communicates with Punta del Este through two rolling bridges architecturally striking that continue to generate admiration and themselves to attract thousands of tourists. The bridges were inaugurated one in 1963 and the other a true copy of the first, and in this century to catch up with the large number of vehicles crossing every day to walk. Before the bridges, to get from Punta del Este had to cross by raft.

An architecture with own label

La Barra was born as an ancient fishing port and a summer resort of the inhabitants of Maldonado. A modest and colorful original buildings were added over the years some houses of great size that gives it eclectic air to the area.

However, municipal regulations have avoided the building razed to the charm.

Imposing mansions with small houses of fishermen

A particular charm is spilled all over La Barra. Houses that still maintain that air, rustic, ranch fishermen rub shoulders with ostentatious mansions located on the coast, with huge grounds and swimming pools are almost on the beach.

But far from contrast, all very colorful and pleasant and manages to combine a rustic atmosphere and in a sense stripped, away from the bustle of a seaside resort, with high quality services.

As a vestige of that time it was still not entirely, on the coast of the river, upstream of the bridges there are small houses inhabited by fishermen, many of whom continue to practice traditional fishing at the mouth of the stream, in the Gorgorita , a rocky and picturesque landscape.

Lots of water sports in Punta del Este

Characteristics of the area are its beaches, which added to its beauty waves of considerable height that allow all kinds of sports: windsurfing, surfing, motosky, water skiing, canoeing, yachting, fishing, kayaking, among others.

Beaches like Montoya, Bikini, Manantiales, El Chorro and Punta Piedras, each with its own characteristics, form a series that has many fans every year.

In turn, the easy access of homes to the sea and tranquility make it a spa very chosen by families.

That is why many people choose to take as its point of residence to La Barra, from which you can go to go other places like Peninsula, Punta Ballena, Jose Ignacio or even further north.

Easy access to the sea

La Barra communicates with Punta del Este through two rolling bridges architecturally striking that continue to generate admiration. UruguayThe possibility of renting houses in La Barra very near the sea make this resort one of the most chosen.

And how uncomfortable it can be transferred to sea daily, with thousands of things to wear, especially when children are known. Even in the car, this involves some effort of organization, a little inconsistent with the holiday break.

And to go back to the house at any time adds much comfort.

La Barra has much to say, because there, you can find houses within a block from the beach or just a little further, almost hidden in the forest.

It is an offer of comfortable houses of all sizes, some small two-room to other giants of several hundred square meters of space, more rustic or more sophisticated, with small gardens or large parks, with or without pool, which allow each family to find what you're looking for your budget, always in a charming environment.

Pubs, art galleries and antiques

The picture of harmony and tranquility is complemented by a lively movement among restaurants of various styles situated in the center of La Barra, as well as pubs and clubs, plus many art galleries and antique shops, decorating studios that are installed on Route 10, which divides the site in two, way to José Ignacio.

At dusk, La Barra is filled with lights. Watching the sunset from the bridge and see how one by one the lights come up on both banks of the creek Maldonado is an incredible show.

Those who want to end the day with a fun night can reach the center of La Barra to go to a pub. Those who prefer to relax can do so without problems in the quiet residential area.

All this makes the rent in La Barra for summer is an option chosen by many people every year.