Punta del Este, find Your Perfect place, Uruguay Apartments for Sale.

Punta del Este, find Your Perfect place, Uruguay Apartments for Sale.

Holiday apartment in Punta del Este, find your perfect place today

Uruguay, quiet and natural countryOur neighboring country is famous for its tranquility. The friendliness of its people and a lifestyle calmer transcend borders and invite back every year to spend a few days relaxing, descontractura and made new. Even there are many Argentines who have directly chosen to live there, to get away from the noise, stunning and dizzying everyday bustle.

Punta del Este, a classic ever present

Among the many tourist spots in Uruguay, undoubtedly highlights Punta del Este, a classic that does not lose its validity. Punta del Este is not age but, far from it, is reborn each year with the same freshness of the origins, back in the thirties of the last century.

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Latin America

All this makes Punta del Este is undoubtedly one of the most visited tourist destinations in Latin America, being always among the top choices in international and local celebrities. Each year many of the three million visitors who tread takes Uruguay, which, considering the relative size of the country, it is not negligible. In addition, each year about 200 international disembark cruise. This accounts for the importance of Punta del Este as a tourist destination worldwide.

Punta del Este, find Your Perfect place, Uruguay Apartments for Sale.

A nature rich in beauty and harmony

A Punta del Este nature has given you many gifts she has preserved. Many natural landscapes are there just a few miles from downtown Punta, awaiting visitors. An early concern for the environment and the preservation of space has occurred municipal regulations that protect the spa for years. Hence Punta del Este has been able to preserve a healthy environment and a beautiful despite the enormous growth that has taken physiognomy. So, Punta del Este meets the characteristic of being a big city, staying in a small well maintained sense in terms of quality of life.

Beaches for everyone: families, young, adventurous and lonely, all find their placeThe particular situation of Punta del Este, just where the River Plate meeting its waters with the Atlantic Ocean makes it there with very different beaches multifarious waves. So is La Mansa, where children splash in the calm water while their parents watch them calmly. La Brava, more challenging. The beaches of La Barra, perfect for surfers, windsurfers, kayakers and other water sports. Springs beaches, secluded and pristine like we were the first to see them. So, everyone can find the ideal beach likes. Each one gets from Punta del Este the experience you need.

A gastronomic and breathtaking tourist services Logically, in Punta del Este there is a wide range of cuisine, with cuisines from themost traditional to the more exotic, forming a cosmopolitan range that honors the flavors from around the world. Also, all kinds of excursions, car rentals, boats, sailboards or surf. Tourists know you can find all you need in Punta del Este.

Stars shining in the night

Holiday apartment in Punta del Este

At night, the casinos of Punta del Este fill flash, with a lively and elegant crowd that includes characters from the international jet set. Also, many clubs in La Barra give a great fun where ever absent glamor.

Great shopping circuit internationally than happy touristsPunta del Este has a very important commercial route, including shopping centers and shopping malls, plus the famous Gorlero, where big names alternate with coffees, cinemas and theaters.

Also crafts, art and antiques are held

But not only the big international brands are present, but also the charm of the local, of craft in the various fairs Punta del Este. Meanwhile, the art has its must in Casapueblo, that wonderful house museum born Fantasy renowned Uruguayan artist Paez Vilaró. Also, Punta del Este is hosted exhibitions in its various museums. It was the headquarters for several seasons Summer Nights Gallery, and lately a circuit called Art Experience. Antiques, these objects through which the past speaks to us, have a privileged place in the afternoons in La Barra, where several houses bring out the category treasures.

Different neighborhoods, each with its own style and trademark

Punta del Este was growing and settling in neighborhoods with different characteristics, each with their followers: so, we Peninsula, the oldest part, crossed by Gorlero Avenue; Roosevelt, another shopping area; Cantegril, residential area, and Pine forests. The Golf, surrounding the huge, undulating golf club namesake, La Mansa, La Brava, Aidy Grill and farther Portezuelo, Rincón del Indio, Punta Ballena, La Barra, Springs, José Ignacio ...

Suspension bridges, the curious and ingenious constructions

Formerly Maldonado cross the stream to the side of the bar it was something that had to be done rafting. In the 60s, Leonel Viera, forming a curious pendant is striking prudent bridge opened. Decades later, due to heavy traffic, like one built to allow two-way traffic.

Many alternatives to stay in Punta del Este: that nobody is left without goingPunta del Este offers many alternatives for accommodation, many hotels of different category, inns, hostels, bungalows, cottages, aparts ... And also many houses and apartments that are rented to tourists.

Why is convenient rental apartment in Punta del Este - advantages over other types of accommodation

- Rent an apartment in Punta del Este stay allows more freedom and privacy

- Prices depend on the number of passengers

- The apartments are equipped with everything

- able to eat low costs stay home

- The wide variety of rental properties do you have an apartment for every budget

- Small spaces: you need to enjoy PuntaFor youngsters, nothing beats a little apartment that allows them to sleep at low cost, and hang-out day and night.

Departments spacious, with all the comforts to spend days familyFor families, there are departments equipped with everything you need to live a very comfortable stay.

Rentals per day

For those looking to visit various places in Uruguay, the rent per day is an excellent choice for traveling comfortable and lightweight.

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