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Houses in Punta del Este. A very exclusive place Investment Uruguay

Punta del Este is one of the most exclusive and sought after throughout the Atlantic Coast

Punta del Este is known for being one of the most exclusive corners and requested the entire Atlantic Coast.

Houses for sale in Uruguay Investment in Real Estate

Dividing the waters of the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean, this exquisite peninsular city located at the southern tip of Uruguay , becomes one of the sites to which the most demanding tourists flock from all corners of the world. Almost any building can boast all that Punta del Este offers the traveler.

For their warm shores of white sand and pristine water is a dream place for vacation, to escape a few days to settle there.

Therefore, its permanent population of 12,423 usual residents in the peak summer season reached the figure of 450,000. But to really relax and enjoy the city, the beach and nature, the accommodation is fundamental. From La Cite Housing believe that when your break is, no detail should be left to chance. Therefore, we take care to provide the best service in the market to buy, sell and rent properties. If you are looking houses, apartments, land, plots, farms or fields, we have the solution and the correct answer to your needs. With nearly two decades of journey, our experience and thousands of satisfied customers are assured that La Cite is synonymous with quality and support.

Investment Uruguay. This exquisite peninsular city situated on the southern tip of Uruguay makes it the ideal city to  investment in Punta del Este. Houses for sale in uruguay

Houses in Punta del Este - Uruguay Summer

Punta del Este in Uruguay, southeast of Maldonado and five kilometers from the city eponymous capital.

The shore of Punta del Este that faces the River Plate is already drenched green sea waters and is the. La Mansa as it is called the set of resorts on the west side, because of little wind and no current ocean. Eastbound find La Brava , ie, pointing to the Ocean Beach, named for the proliferation of waves. For the different natural possibilities presented, added to the infrastructure and services available, Punta del Este is an ideal place for water sports like kitesurfing, wakeboarding and skiing, plus abundant sport fishing lakes -like place of Darius and willow, among others.

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Punta del Este is one of the most important and prestigious spas around LatinAmerica, and has one of the most beautiful atardeceros. Comfort, ease, luxury, elegance, harmony... this is Punta.

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