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Homes for Sale in Uruguay South America

Today Punta del Este (or Punta” for short) often refers to many miles of coastal development that includes the original Punta del Este Peninsula. Punta del Este is one of the most expensive places to live in Uruguay. There are also many new projects in Punta del Este coastal area.

Punta del Este is an upscale resort town on the southern tip of Uruguay, southeast of Maldonado and about 140 km east of Montevideo Few resorts in South America rival Punta del Este for glamour.

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The right house for a relaxing vacation with beach feeling only a footstep from one of the best Punta del Este beaches and only a few minutes away from bustling Punta del Este.

Punta Ballena is the end of the Punta del Este area on the Mansa side. Punta del Este is often described as being crime free. A Swiss buyer recently paid $7.3 million (5.5 million euro) for the penthouse in Acqua, a Rafael Viñoly-designed beachfront project in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Travelers to Punta del Este are booking November dates now. The local sales in Punta Del Este are being handled by Fortune International Realty with local offices in Punta Del Este and satellite offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Miami, Florida. Punta del Este is one of the most coveted from the southern hemisphere at this time of the year.

In the last five years 1.7 million square metres were constructed in Punta del Este and its area of influence. Having been personally invited by the Director of the Punta Del Este Society, their arrival marked the beginning of Punta Del Este's fame as one of the top international beach resort destinations in Latin America and the world. Building projects are attracting more foreign property investors to Punta del Este.

And There is Much More Seashore to Discover Outside of Punta del Este.

Punta del Este has a growing international expatriate community of full time residents.

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Punta del Este, often referred to as the Riviera of Uruguay, is a high-end resort city popular with jet setters from Argentina and Europe.

A Great Idea for International Investment

Punta del Este is often called the St. Tropez of Uruguay, and it is hard to find a Latin American city with a more robust appetite for the good life.

All the beautiful people including international celebrities flock to Punta del Este during the summer (because its winter in the northern hemisphere) to participate in lavish celebrations in style.

From our offices, we offer options to invest in projects of the best architects who are currently working in this country.

This makes it possible to find homes for sale Punta del Esteen a wide range of prices.

Images of Punta del Este allow us to appreciate the endless beauty of this unique spa in the world, from the natural attractions to architectural icons that have become emblems of Punta del Este and this country.

Notably, after Alaska, in Uruguay we are the second largest seal colony established on the island of Lobos, near Punta del Este. Punta del Este is divided into two parts, although opposite, no longer part of the same place: the Mansa Beach and Brava Beach.

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