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Uruguay Land For Sale. Investment OpportunityPunta del Este | Uruguay

The properties in Uruguay are a great opportunity for security, stability and profitability. With 18 years of experience, Inmobiliaria La Cite will advise you to protect your investment in Uruguay. Our biggest challenge is finding the right solution for each case and accompany him throughout the negotiation process to take care of your investment.

Latin America is in fashion with real estate opportunities

The purchase of properties to rent them, either for long or temporary contracts is a widespread and familiar way to invest, if the necessary precautions are taken, has few risks and good profitability.

It is, without doubt, one of the surest ways to protect savings and to not allow the inflation devalues.

Punta del Este, Queen

Investment opportunity Punta del Este. The properties in Uruguay are a great opportunity for security, stability and profitability. Uruguay Land For SaleFor many decades, the country's beauty and the warmth of its people and the country's security have attracted a great tourist influx to Montevideo, Rocha and Colonia.

But Punta del Este is still the queen to investment opportunity

It is known to all the enormity of the number of Argentines, Brazilians and tourists all over the world every year who choose this town for summer. But not just for summer: there are also many who go for the winter break, in the long weekends or even on any weekend during the year.

A privileged natural situation, with beautiful beaches, in addition to a large building infrastructure and an offer of tourism and foodservice huge. Day at the beach, afternoons in malls and night in restaurants, pubs and bars make Punta del Este in a magic city where you can always enjoy.

To this we must add the absence of major problems of insecurity and low crime level, which makes it a place with high security standard for both people and for real.

Therefore, the demand for property is high and growing, and also also continues to rise the number of people who choose to invest in Punta del Este in real estate transactions, not only to enjoy themselves in their own holiday, but especially for rent those properties and get an income with capital.

Why Uruguay, why Punta del Este

Its policy of liberalization that has more than two decades. Within this policy, always comply with international obligations was one of the objectives, which ended up turning to Uruguay in one of the most reliable countries in the region.

In the case of Uruguay legislation makes these real estate products in highly profitable investments, especially Europeans and American buyers due to economic, social and political expectations to live this great little South American country, which relies on democratic stability and economic, backed by banking secrecy law, security and above all its people, its culture and way of life, the cornerstone for the development of large urban projects with a profitable and safe return.

In Latin America the coincidence of language is a favorable environment for doing business, allowing a smooth contractual relationship and understanding with potential partners and agents involved in the sector factor. In some Spanish-speaking countries, the economic and legal framework is similar to Spanish, but with limited development of mortgage systems with fewer guarantees on the property.

Award transparency

The United Nations put Uruguay in the first positions in terms of absence of corruption. It also has the best human development index in South America, index that considers per capita income, life expectancy and education.

This is in addition to a solid legal system, where great importance is given to the respect for the terms of the contracts.

It is a democratic and impartial system that makes no difference in rights between local and foreign, all of which has made the country a favorite when it comes to investing.

Free exchange, banking secrecy and tax transparency | Best Investment Opportunity

More and more people around de world are seeing the investment opportunities Uruguay due to a better tax climate & quality of life. Let´s see our siteThe ability to buy foreign currency without restrictions is another factor that eventually return so attractive scene. Capital can move smoothly, both in foreign and local currency, and from Uruguay. Nationality is not privileged, and so foreign investors will not face restrictions.

Anyone can buy whatever Uruguay: houses, apartments, farms, etc.

It also may well operate in the Uruguayan banking system, which strictly respects the banking secrecy for safety of the inverter. Moreover, thanks to a very transparent tax system, everyone can know exactly what and how much to pay for real estate transactions and the properties they have.

A flexible system

The same policy of open economy that Uruguay is allowing real estate transactions in Punta del Este can be made directly, the owners, or through a legal person, whether a Uruguayan or foreign company. The first option, that of individuals, have lower operating costs, but as you would expect has higher risks and requires the parties to the transaction an understanding of all the operations that exceeds the ordinary. Therefore, unless great experience in the field you have, you better turn to a company, such as real estate.

As is to be expected in such a vibrant city, there are many real estate offering such services, although as you would expect too, not all have the same solvency.

There are many deals on real estate Investment Opportunity

We are dedicated to promoting and attracting foreign investment, among the main reasons to invest in Uruguay, from the advantageous legal and tax aspects, to the high profitability sustained over recent years, through the boom of a major Uruguay markets: Brazil.

It is the most stable country in the region and international institutes put it at the top in terms of transparency and lack of corruption market.

It is an open system in which anyone, foreign national may acquire any property. Also in Uruguay there is a tradition of enforcing contracts and also a really fair and transparent judicial system.

Opportunities Properties | Punta del Este

Punta del Este is one of the known for their white sand beaches, luxury and glamor of its inhabitants and the tourism sights. For its natural beauty is told Pearl Uruguay.

We are motivated by Uruguay's own enthusiasm and, during visits to the investment opportunity, it is our pleasure to convey some of the highest living standards and the special atmosphere of this country so warm and sunny. The positive economic and political development, the overall situation quiet, pleasant sunny weather, friendly people and a European culture make Uruguay is one of the most attractive real estate investments constitute a new home countries.

Uruguay is a very stable market.

Hence its long tradition as a financial center that attracts investors from all over the world and especially in our country.

Some precautions

Beyond promising and transparent market it is good to have a serious advice. The amounts at stake and the expectations placed on the investment being made determine who has to take extreme caution and not be dazzled. To keep their eyes open and the "cold" head is critical to what is presented as a great opportunity to improve their lives, end up being quick to ruin or at least, very upset route.

In this sense, La Cité Real Estate not only has a wide range of properties to offer, to suit all tastes, but also has the experience and expertise to advise those who want to invest strength, whether local or foreign, as to the legal procedures, banking, taxes, and everything needed for the investment really is what is expected.

The large staff of professionals that we have in La Cité allows us to advise, guide and help you choose the best area for investment.

We can also accompany him on the visit to the properties and possible eye of our experts to help you see the strengths and weaknesses of each property, so that the goal of placing its investment can be achieved.

The advice we offer is fully customized.

We consider as most important the complete satisfaction of every customer who comes to consult, no matter the size of your investment, because we want to establish long-term relationships. This is how we have built an unblemished already spent twenty years among the best real estate in Uruguay

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our experts know understand what you need.