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For Investments or Holidays, find The Best Uruguay Property 2023

Punta del Este is a place to live a dream vacation

Punta del Este is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts of Latin America. It is a city where luxury, fun, nature and wildlife coexist in a unique way.

One of the most preferred tourist destinations

This makes it one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the region, each year taking much of the visits to Uruguay in total, about three million people.

Huge cuisine, arts and entertainment

 Property prices, on the beach or in the cities, Uruguay property 2023. Throughout its existence Punta del Este grew in tourist services and so today has a really huge gastronomic offer, which calls flavors from around the world. In turn, the art has a special place in fairs and exhibitions that take place high in Punta del Este, in its many galleries and museums. Among these, we find the peculiar Casapueblo Paez Vilaró. Meanwhile, Punta nights are loaded glitter and glamor in the many bars and nightclubs that are all over the area, but especially in La Barra. Punta del Este is a destination very well chosen by celebrities around the world, many of which have built large residences. At night, the stars that are increasing the brightness of the night in Punta del Este.

La Cite Real Estate offers many properties for rent

Our real estate has a lot of properties to rent to tourists from all over the world.

Departments and homes of all sizes and budgetsOur experience and reliability make many homeowners trust us every year and their properties so we can offer our customers properties of various sizes and budgets.

La Cite housing Real Estate has properties available in all areas of Punta del Este

- Peninsula, in the heart of the city to be close to everything

Enjoy Gorlero stained glass are some of the possibilities that lie in the center of the city with everything within reach and easy access to more remote locations.

- RooseveltShopping and commercial area with shopping malls and tall apartment with amazing views.

- Cantegril, with nice homes under trees

- The BravaFor those wishing to be a touch of this challenging beach.

- The Mansa, spa favorite familiesThe calm waters of this resort allow parents to relax while the kids splash more. Staying in this neighborhood will increase your comfort by not having to relocate.

- Rincón del Indio and PortezueloThese are two good options with many properties of different characteristics

- Punta BallenaTo be close to the attractive caves and away from the noise.

- Pine, Lugano, the GolfWith many homes enjoy a setting of woods and gardens.

La Barra, an enchanted place after crossing the suspension bridgesIn this old fishing village, past and present come together in the sun. This is a really lovely and quiet, with several pubs, restaurants and nightclubs to enjoy in the evenings.

Springs and Laguna BlancaFor a quiet stay in contact with nature, ideal for families with young children.

La Cite Real Estate: extensive experience in the marketLa Cité works continuously in the Uruguayan market since 1993, it gives us great strength and solvency at the time to satisfy our customers.

With Cite Housing can buy property in Punta del Este from abroadWe will advise you on everything you need to acquire property from abroad, as a way to invest or as a holiday home.

Investing in a highly stable marketUruguay has a very stable economy and a legal and tax system that allows a high degree of legal certainty.


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