The Most Outstanding Property Uruguay For Sale

The Most Outstanding Property Uruguay For Sale

All about your next property in Uruguay

Uruguay is not just for tourists: it is also the possibility of investing in insurance market You can find a good property in Uruguay.

Uruguay is one of the countries of the region frequented by many tourists every year. Nearly three million visit each year, at different times of year. The huge importance of tourism to Uruguay is also seen in the large number of first level scales cruise lines: per year, about 250 cruise wear for a few days or a few hours near half a million people, either Montevideo or Punta del Este. Regarding the latter, it is not only a traditional destination for Brazilians and Argentines, who season after season walk its beaches, but people come from all over the world and especially, many northern Europeans who come in summer to escape the northern winter pale.

A good real estate advisor may offer you the properties that best meet your expectations. See our search page to find property. Property Uruguay For Sale

Punta del Este is a cheerful, luxurious and always thriving city. Full of life, art and cuisine from all over the world. And, of course, has spectacular beaches and a beautiful sea. But not only tourists arriving in Uruguay, also arrive many investors, attracted by the peculiarities of the Uruguayan market.

Uruguay has an open economy system, clear laws and a fair justice, these are the three elements of a perfect mix.

Uruguay is having one of the most stable economies in the region and boasts good grades in international forums and specialized agencies for their high transparency. It is considered the country with the lowest rate of corruption. A clear and transparent legal and tax system allows to propose an open economy, unrestricted purchase and ample possibilities to mobilize capital.

In Uruguay, is the tradition honoring contracts. And if something goes wrong, they have a really fair judicial system, which makes no distinction between nationals and foreigners, but puts its view compliance as agreed in the contracts. Thus, in Uruguay, everyone can buy any property.

Investing in bricks can protect our savings. Check a property in Uruguay

Punta del Este is especially good, first, for the safety of the above described financial market, and on the other hand, because Punta del Este is a city whose properties do not lose value: Always be resold at equal or greater value, and, better, you can always rent when you do not want to use self, gaining quick returns on that investment.

An investment with high recovery by renting.

In this regard, we must say that while Uruguay has a lot lodgings seasonal squares are filled almost to the top. The houses are always rented, hotels are always filled. And Punta del Este, although growing, has strict regulations on environment and ensuring that construction will not lower the overall level nor degrade.

A Property in Uruguay: to fulfill the dream of a house on the beach

There are many different budgets properties in different areas of different sizes. The tax and legal facilities in Uruguay make it possible to think of fulfilling the dream of a property on the beach, to enjoy a full and we want to rent it when not using it.

Property in Uruguay, in search of a new life

Some time ago began to be felt more strongly the trend of people choosing to start over Uruguay. Often, it is foreign retirees who choose the place to enjoy a quiet life, after years of hard work. But there are also many young people and couples with young children who opt for a different way of life, away from the noise and traffic of the big cities, in contact with the sea and the surrounding nature.

In all areas

Uruguay is very wide and along its considerable life was diversifying into areas with different characteristics, and thus, it is possible to find houses and apartments to suit all tastes, all architectural styles, classical, modern, contemporary, large, small, with and without garden. The variety is enormous.

The budget available. It is important to define a budget in advance, to make a good search for the most suitable property in needs, quality and price if you want to find a property in UruguayIn properties in Uruguay we have what you need

La Cité Real State was born in the 80s in Argentina and since 1993 operates in Uruguay. Throughout the years, the property was consolidating and growing, always attached to a tradition of professionalism and seriousness. It has a staff of diverse professionals to advise our clients on all kinds of issues: edilicias, legal, tax, banking, customs, removals, migration, etc. Thus it is how we can meet the diverse requirements of our customers, local and foreigners from around the world. We know the market and we listen to our customers. That is why we always find the property you need.

Properties for all budgets

Who knows Punta del Este know that you can find from mansions incredible luxury, even monoambientes with kitchenette, and in between, all intermediate options: bed villa with pool, very broad beachfront apartments with many amenities, departments easier for families type, etc.

So from the point of view of the tourist as the who wants to invest in Punta del Este there are properties of all kinds.

How to choose the one that suits your expectation

A good real estate advisor may offer you the properties that best meet your expectations. For that, we must be clear about a few things:

The budget available. It is important to define a budget in advance, to make a good search for the most suitable property in needs, quality and price.

When buying, you should also consider what it is you are using, as this will define the area where you buy and the property type and size. The best area will not be the same for example for a property destined to daily rental or classic holiday, or season, or even if the owner wants to use it in turns.

How to buy?

If you want to know how you can

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