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La Cite is the number one company in real estate management of Punta del Este. If we want to experience a vacation, settle there or selling , we are the firm that will be with you at all times , ensuring complete counseling, care and support.

Punta del Este is an ideal vacation place

Punta del Este is an ideal vacation spot, make a nice romantic getaway or go to enjoy with friends. Punta is the perfect mix of nature and city. On the one hand, by its geography boasts stunning scenery, best beaches along the Atlantic coast and the most requested of South America. On the other hand, contains all the amenities and services needed to have the time. Countless businesses, shops, restaurants, markets, craft fairs and more

Because consisting of a peninsula, Punta del Este has two different banks , which contain the " Playa Mansa " - toward the Rio de la Plata , and " Brava " - to the Atlantic Ocean. This allows for a multitude of activities, among which are many water sports like skiing, scuba diving , Aquasurf , surg , funboarding , kitesurfing and bodyboarding. One of the most popular resorts is " The Pot " whose sand and water provide exceptional quality .

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Punta del Este truly has something for everyone. If you like the night scene, presents the pubs, discos, clubs and most exclusive pools throughout Uruguay. If, however, prefers to indulge in the daytime activities, there is a range of possibilities for walking, cycling, riding, 4x4 car and along its streets and corners. Just to name some of the biggest tourist attractions in Punta del Este , we must not ignore José Ignacio , a town of fishermen initially has now reached the status of being an elite - place , La Barra - site summer -y top Peninsula , with its lighthouse, its Golero Avenue and malls. Nor should we overlook the famous Isla de los Lobos, where the highest concentration of marine fur seals worldwide . In addition , if you visit Punta del Este can not let pass by Punta Ballena (or " Punta de La Ballena " ), located 115 kilometers from Montevideo and 18 kilometers from Punta del Este, whose tourism and urban development has been added , making one of the bulbs that attract more visitors. This is due to its beautiful scenery and fine beaches, combining parts of sandy beach with coarse sand beaches , caves and rocks. It is a very accessible location as it located just 3 kilometers from the Laguna del Sauce where " The Sauce" International Airport works.

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Tourists and permanent residents choose to Punta del Este for points such as Colonel Park Mancebo, the Medina Park, Arboretum Lussich, the Zoo Sugar Loaf, the hill station breeding and Sugarloaf Park The Jagüel. Also, do not fail to point out the great artistic and cultural movement that works there, expressed in the existence of numerous historical and plastics, such as the Regional Historical Museum Carolino, Nicolás García Uriburu Museum, the Museum of French nineteenth-century tile museums, the Sports Museum , the Museum Educational Artiguista and Mazzoni Francisco Regional Museum.

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Visit our website : There you will find all necessary information about our company and you can contact us. One of our operators who handle multiple languages ​​we will contact our qualified team consisting of lawyers, notaries and accountants. All information posted on the page can be viewed in English, Spanish and German, as we work with the most exclusive and demanding users from all countries and continents. So we have our own representative in the town of Westerland Sylt Island , located in the North Sea. This may be called the " Punta del Este in northern Europe " , as a tourist center for elite audience . This office serves as a contact point for those who wish to settle permanently in Uruguay , for which La Cite provides complete legal and tax advice.


Ultimately, with more than 18 years managing the purchase, sale and rental of all types of properties , you have the confidence to trust in La Cite. Because we were not satisfied and always looking how to expand our services, we are the leader when properties in Punta del Este is .

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