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How and why Choose Punta del Este Apartments for Rent per Day 

Punta del Este Apartments for rent by day: to consider 

Why choose to visit Uruguay 

Uruguay is one of the countries with the greatest variety of activities and security in Latin America, making it not only a place that more and more people choose to live, but also as a tourist destination to unwind, relax and vacation. 

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Choose Punta del Este for the day 

If the idea is to tour various parts of Uruguay or simply visiting a nearby area, even spend a day in Punta del Este is worth to know some of the cities and most popular tourist destinations. Whether for its beaches, its culture, its tranquility or curious to know why this is one of the strongest points of tourism in recent years, visiting Punta del Este worth. 

Features of Punta del Este 

Just five miles from Maldonado, Punta del Este divides its silver between "The meek​​" and "brava" baptized with those names by the calm waters or the impetuosity of the waves. The choice of each beach or part of Punta del Este will depend largely on what activities you want to perform: if you seek peace, La Mansa be a great option. But if you are looking to take advantage of the water sports stay, La brava be what you expect. 

A day in Punta del Este 

Many tourist destinations or cities can not be used too much in one day. In the case of Punta del Este, is a great city to spend a whole season but also to spend a day in the middle of a major tour of the country and take at least an initial view of what it has to offer, from sports, relaxing on the beach to nights out, Punta del Este is an essential stop on a walk in Uruguay. 

A different and charming destination in Uruguay

Punta del Este is the first thing you usually think of when you think of visiting Uruguay. Known not only for its beaches but also for its cultural life, its cuisine and its attractive landscapes, is one of the strongest tourist spots in Latin America and has remained so for the past twenty years without decreasing the number of visits and establishing postponed as the destination when visiting Uruguay. 

The Saint Tropez of Latin America 

Punta del Este is also called the Saint Tropez of Latin America by the frequent visits of international celebrities who choose it as a holiday or even to build farms and ranches with access to the beach. This has helped the popularity of the place continues to grow and more people choose to approach the peace of Punta del Este. 

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One of the most visited tourist destinations 

Definitely and beyond other Uruguayan cities have gained importance in recent years (from the picturesque Cabo Polonio to Cologne) there is no doubt that Punta del Este is still a landmark in Uruguay and visits one of the busiest across America. With a resident population of just twenty thousand inhabitants in summer reaches four hundred thousand visitors. 

Alternative accommodation in Uruguay 

There are many lodging options in Uruguay, but especially in Punta del Este as its forte is tourism. So there are different hotels, hostels, lodges, apartments, houses and even resorts where one can stay depending on what you look for and how long you want to stay. 

Punta del Este Apartments for rent per day 

For an express stay as choosing a day, the variety of departments in Punta del Este day rental is large enough to be definitely an option to consider. 

The beauty of its beaches 

Many departments in Punta del Este rent for a day have a significant proximity to the beaches or even ocean view or direct access to the coast. This landscape is an invaluable addition to hosting and allows you to maximize short stay saving travel time and transfer from home to the beach. 

The tranquility of Punta del Este 

Another of the great advantages of this beautiful city is quiet not only for their safety that allows completely relax, but also for those who live there and are used to getting a lot of tourists. The lagoons, beaches, festivals: all invites tranquility and rest, to be able to disconnect during the time of accommodation.

Cuisine, Punta del Este has one of the largest varieties of cuisine in the region. That makes it a peninsula consequently restaurants abound in seafood products, fusion cuisine and bars to have a drink at night and enjoy the scenery. 

An activity center for the whole family 

Punta del Este is a good choice for your family to visit as there are different activities that each family member can perform according to their age, tastes and preferences. 

Entertainment for young and old 

There are options for hiking, water sports, go to film festivals, walk and eat without anyone having to sacrifice what you want. 

Privacy and comfort 

Why rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel? While both options are good and right, the ability to rent a place that is somehow own personal space leads to greater privacy than a hotel, shared with many more guests would be impossible to get. Building on the idea that Punta del Este Uruguay-and in general are ideal places to disconnect from the world and achieve the much-needed rest, add to this the possibility of distancing combo world through properties for rent in Punta del Este Bed day is an additional ingredient that can turn a getaway into a brief but excellent vacation. 

Rent per day instead of hotels 

How and why choose Punta del Este apartments for rent per day 

The real estate in Punta del Este is very spacious and offers from the possibility of renting a bungalow per day to an apartment or a house in the event that several people staying at once. It is ideal to consult with an estate in the area and check what are the available options within your price range, preferences and date of visit. Commonly between the real estate you can get:

- Rent price: Bungalows 

- Rent price: Cabin 

- Rent price: resorts 

- Rent price: departments 

- Rent price: houses 

Tour of Uruguay 

If you are visiting Uruguay is a good idea to spend at least one day of your itinerary to visit Punta del Este. Rent an apartment for the night and spend the day to make at least a brief tour of this fantastic city. 

Getting to Punta del Este 

Being near Maldonado there are many different ways to reach and means of transport by which opt. There is also the possibility to rent a car and drive to Punta del Este, meanwhile taking advantage and enjoying the scenery. 

Benefits to rent per day 

Whether it is accompanied, as a couple, with friends, family or alone, find apartments in Punta del Este day rental is a great alternative to traditional hotel accommodation. If you go alone, the price is the same: there is no extra charge for single room or in the case of a hotel room. In addition, expenses can be controlled by providing facilities for cooking, washing clothes and not have to pay for these services separately. 

Benefits of hotels 

The hotels have a major benefit that one has nothing to do but stay as the service will handle all the chores. It is recommended for those who want to relax and have nothing to do but enjoy. 

Some cons of hotels 

On the other hand, such convenience is a small price: it is shared with many more guests and that takes away your privacy to stay. 

Comfort, relaxation and tranquility 

You can rent an apartment with the amenities deemed necessary: many of them are fully equipped to make your stay a comfortable, relaxed, and at least for the short time they occupy, feel at home experience. 

Which is more convenient? 

It will depend largely on what kind of expected rental: How long would the hotel that day? If the idea is not enough, it will be much more convenient to rent an apartment and not have to pay for amenities such as games room, sauna, swimming pool and other aggregates that are not planning to use. 

One day as a resident 

The good thing about renting an apartment rather than a hotel is going to feel that at least for that day, you will live in Punta del Este. Leave the bowl of a hotel, really mingle with people, shopping in the market, feel you are at home is a completely different experience that could have stayed in a hotel. 

Explore the city for yourself 

If the preference to stay in a hotel born from the desire to join tours, tours and other tours, please note that these tours can be hired independently and it is also possible to travel around the city itself same: the beauty of Punta del Este is located in every corner.

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