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Comes warm and with it the time of finalizing the plans for the holiday time. As always, Punta del Este is one of the most preferred destinations for people from South America and elsewhere. Is that Punta del Este has a lot to offer: beaches has varied for all tastes, there just has unspoiled nature, has restaurants, bars and snack bars of all kinds, has a very entertaining and varied nightlife. It also has tours to islands and other natural reserves, all kinds of water sports, and even an important international art circuit that includes many important galleries and museums, sculptures on the beach, plus of course the fantastic construction arising from pure imagination Uruguayan artist Paez Vilaro recently deceased: we mean, of course, to the house Casapueblo museum. Major brands have stores worldwide, has mansions and luxury beauty houses with beautiful gardens, is an important forested. Anyway ... It's a city with much to offer tourists: elegance, comfort and fun.

Accommodation Options Inmobiliaria La Cite, Uruguay We have in Punta del Este Rentals 2023 in Condos or Houses of great Comfort

Obviously, Punta del Este has a huge range of accommodation possibilities. Very important international hotels, simple hotels (and the entire range of the medium), apart hotels, hostels, cabins, campsites, lodges ... and of course, many properties that are rented to tourists, fully equipped.

Punta del Este rental D00epartments, an option with great benefits

Amid all this range of possibilities, a favorite is undoubtedly the rent an apartment, especially if there are several that share the journey, friends or families. Young people traveling in groups may thus find a destination where "stop" between fun and fun. Families will find a way to vacation easy.

The price is fixed and not dependent on the number of passengers

The cost of renting an apartment does not vary with many amenities, which makes a clear distinction with the hotel and allows apportion all, which makes it infinitely cheaper than a hotel and that options such as apartments and cottages.

Many comfort and privacy, to be at homeNothing like waking up to quiet, make breakfast and prepare to go to the beach-paced. That comfort, that relaxation is something priceless. Departments also provide plenty of privacy: we can do what we please without being found all the time with people in the hallways, in elevators in a hotel for example.

Getting according to their own desire

The idea of ​​a vacation is to have no externally imposed schedule. And the hotels are full of schedules that must be respected, without further need to prevent noise very difficult thing if you are traveling with children. In an apartment you go and come as often as you want, unannounced to anyone. Come when you want, when you want clean, go to the beach when you want.

City Living like a localEnjoy and live the city as if you live there gives an additional charm to the holiday. To perceive the daily movement in small stores where we buy what we need, gives a special charm to the everyday.

Power eating at home reduces costs and health care

Another huge advantage of renting an apartment is that they can eat at home while we go to restaurants only when we feel like, and not necessity. This greatly lowers the cost of vacationing and also allows us to feed ourselves in a healthy way, as if we were at home. This is especially important when traveling with children: her delicate body suffers a lot when spending long periods or restaurant to restaurant when we lived on sandwiches purchased at the beach.

Many options for renting apartments in Punta del Este

There are many rental options in Punta del Este, apartment equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay.

- SeasonalFor the privileged that may take a long time to vacation, or for those organizing the family settles in Punta del Este during the holidays while the head of the family goes back and forth on weekends.

- Rent per month or per fortnightIt is the classic holiday mode.

- Rent per week, per day For those traveling for short periods, either because a getaway or because they are still traveling to other places, this is a perfect choice. So, no matter the time you travel, there is no obstacle to enjoy the comfort of an apartment.


La Cite Real Estate, Uruguay We have in Punta del Este Rentals 2023 in Condos or Houses of great Comfort. Obviously, Punta del Este also has a huge range of accommodation possibilities. Very important international hotels, and more.


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Please ask about the properties we have available in all areas of Punta del EsteOn our website find a wide range of apartments available for rent in all areas of Punta del Este, of different sizes, features and prices.

- Peninsula Apartments, Roosevelt, Cantegril, La Mansa and La BravaWe have apartments available in the area Gorlero to have everything on hand. Also closest to the beach La Brava, more challenging waves, or Mansa, the favorite of families with small children because of its calm waves.

- Rincón del Indio Apartments, Punta Ballena PortezueloThese areas can be good departments in quiet areas.

- Apartments Bar and Springs Crossing the Maldonado creek by rope bridges accessed La Barra, a magical setting with the charm of its fishing village past, what good services and great nightlife are added. Springs for its part is in the middle of nature, in areas of unspoilt beach where you can enjoy a perfect rest.

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