Houses Punta del Este 2023 Real Estate in Uruguay on the Beach

Houses Punta del Este 2023 Real Estate in Uruguay on the Beach Wonderful Vacations

Punta del Este no longer shines

Every summer, Punta del Este calls for a lot of tourists from all over the world coming again and again looking to enjoy its paradisiacal beaches, many excursions and high level services.

Punta del Este is a city that enjoys all year

But this place is beautiful all year round and there are many who choose the middle station or even in winter to enjoy solitude most outstanding beaches.

Excellent tourist servicesPunta del Este has to offer a wide range of hotel services, food, tours and all kinds of services. In shopping malls as well as Gorlero, top international brands alternate with more traditional and local.

One of the most visited places in Latin America

Punta del Este is one of the most tourist destinations in the region. It is multi-port international cruise lines, and to give an idea of ​​the global importance that targets enough to say that some 230 luxury cruise calls are made each year.

Many attractions: tours, expeditions, sports, art tours and plenty of nightPunta del Este has beautiful and varied beaches, but not only that, it also offers horseback nature preserves, to the islands of Lobos and Gorriti, historical tours, art circuits. In addition, there are a lot of nightlife entertainment for all tastes and ages, including bars, discos and other.

Holiday homes Punta del Este, for a spectacular vacationRenting a house is an ideal place to have a relaxing and comfortable stay with all the option. The houses usually come equipped with everything you need, so you just need to wear clothes and personal effects.


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Punta del Este rental homes: an option with many benefits

It is an option that gives a lot of freedom and privacy, if compared to a hotel where you have to register each time. Nor should we respect the schedule of a hotel; nothing better on vacation I do not have to respect any schedule. Arrive, park the car right there, organize meals with friends, to have large common areas and green spaces are priceless things. Also eating at home is very noticeable, plus visibly lower the budget for the trip.

With kids, rent Punta del Este has many advantages

Those traveling with children know how difficult it is to have them in a hotel room without run or scream. You do not want to disturb the neighbors, but kids are kids and they need to jump, talking with laughter, running ... To them and their is nothing better than having a large space, and better parent, outdoor space at home where you can play while their parents can relax. You will not need to go to "penetrate" to a shopping if it rains, nor inevitably spend all day on the beach.

Also in the group of friends rent Punta del Este much shouldSince the rents does not depend on the number of passengers, also for friends traveling in a group home is a great option that can be quite economical. There everyone can have private space in the rooms and enjoy together in common spaces.

Holiday homes Punta del Este, per season, per month, per fortnight, per week and per dayIn Punta del Este houses can be rented throughout the summer, throughout the winter, or a month or fraction thereof, per day and up. The rent per day allows the comfort of living in a house cortitos travel, either because they are coming for the weekend or because they are visiting several places.

Punta del Este rental : how to choose the best neighborhood for eachThe area most convenient to rent a house depends on many personal factors such as whether you have a car, traveling age, tastes and preferences or not.

Peninsula, to feel the rhythm of the cityPeninsula is, as its name indicates, a tract of land that overlooks the water and is the boundary between the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the center of Punta del Este, transversely divided by the so famous avenue Gorlero. Although there predominate buildings, especially buildings tower so typical of Punta del Este, one can also find some houses, some of great antiquity. For those searching for a house without abandoning all the noise and having everything at hand, it is a great option.

Roosevelt, tall buildings with great views and great shoppingRoosevelt Avenue is a major commercial hub of Punta del Este and there are malls and supermarkets among others. There the tall buildings predominate

Cantegril, beautiful houses surrounded by treesHere you can find beautiful houses of brick and tile, surrounded by trees.

Lugano, Spacious Residences with great garden

In Lugano are spacious and modern residences with large gardens. The members of many families or large groups of friends can find good options here.

The Golf, a classicGolf is a neighborhood surrounding the tennis club of the same name, which are among the most important in South America. The houses in the neighborhood are often important residences with lush gardens and many trees that shade its quiet streets.

Beverly Hills, spectacular luxuryIn this neighborhood are luxury mansions whose gardens often exceed five thousand square meters. Many important festivals celebrated here.

Pine, tranquility and rest

Pine is a quiet neighborhood bordering La Mansa. These houses have roofs with type so characteristic barbecue in large gardens and care.

Rincón del IndioThis neighborhood is close to the Golf, in an area of ​​unspoilt ocean. It is perfect for a summer nature.

San Rafael, opposite the BravaIn San Rafael there are large homes with large gardens and its own shopping center. It is very close to La Brava.

La Barra, bohemia and comfort

Crossing the bridges that are on the Maldonado stream is La Barra, a place of unique beauty and charm. With many antique shops as well as restaurants and pubs lindísimos allows a quiet stay where the fun is not absent.

Springs, a place for quietHere are houses in the middle of nature, almost untouched beaches. It is a very good place for families.

Punta Ballena

Punta Ballena is also a quiet place, which also has the appeal of the curious caves.


Another good choice for families.

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