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Uruguay, a peaceful and friendly country

Our neighbor has gained a deserved reputation for quiet, where people live in a more calm and less stress, where kindness is an abundant resource and source of being. That is why it is the ideal place to relax and "resetearnos" place. Thus, it allows people to rethink some things and return renewed and ready to face the real life work throughout the year, with another point of view and with other energy.

The effect of a classic

Punta del Este is a classic holiday destination for Argentine for many decades, even I would say since its heyday or golden age in the 20s of last century, years after which the city kept growing and growing steadily.

Luxury natural beauty, a perfect combination that makes Punta del Este favorite of the season

Punta del Este has privileged, varied beaches that cater to all tastes: the bold, the lonely, those seeking tranquility, the familieros, athletes ... It is surrounded along with a friendly and bountiful nature in many parts almost untouched. So, has the charm of nature and allows for contact with nature really healthy, in the many trips there. Along with her ​​naturalness and her virginal Spirit boasts a luxury buildings, utilities, entertainment, etc., which makes it a golden paradise where no shortage of luxury cruises come from distant lands.

Punta del Este, also called the St. Tropez of South America, is one of the most visited destinations in the region

All this makes the city is every year one of the most chosen region destinations, and many of the three million tourists who visit Uruguay every year is carried, which is not negligible especially if you compare the small area of ​​Uruguay compared to their larger neighbors, Brazil and Argentina, for example. It is also a very chosen by celebrities around the world, rather many of which have large mansions in different areas.

They come from everywhere: Punta del Este is a cosmopolitan city as there are few in the world

Although many Argentines and Brazilians vacationing in Punta del Este, they are far from alone, but instead people from all over the world will arrive there. Especially, many northern Europeans who come to our summer escape winter pallor in their countries. Therefore, Punta del Este is a city as cosmopolitan, which is noticed in the streets, on the beaches but especially in the food it serves.

A service offering really huge tourist hotels, restaurants, tours, art walks and more

As expected, in Punta del Este, tourism is the main activity, and so we find numerous hotels, some large and luxurious international brands, as well as all types of hostels, apart hotels hostels, lodges, cabins, and even camping. On the side of gastronomy, the offer is wide and thus can find restaurants of all types and price, with foods that are in a range from the most classic and most exotic. Also, many tours and cruises can be made, as well as tours to enjoy the art, very present in Punta del Este.

There are many properties for rent to tourists

One of the most sought after and best options to stay in Punta del Este is renting a house or apartment. It is an alternative that gives a lot of freedom, privacy and comfort. The available properties are many, and are of all budgets of all sizes and in all areas.

Very Good Profitability Excellent Investments Punta del Este Condos for Sale 2023

For those lucky ones who can stay for the whole summer, there is the option to rent for the season, and feel as if veraneara in the proper place.

Rent in Punta del Este per month - Rent in Punta del Este fortnightThese are the classic vacation.

Rent in Punta del Este week and a day There is also the option to rent a property for a short time and even day. This is a perfect option for those who leave for the weekend or to continue traveling elsewhere in Uruguay, without giving the possibility to stay in the comfort of a house or apartment.

Rental properties in Punta del Este PeninsulaPeninsula is the center of Punta del Este, crossed by the famous shopping avenue Gorlero. There is no particular departments tower, but also from other classes and even some homes.

Rental properties in Punta del Este Roosevelt

Another shopping area with tower buildings with incredible panoramic views.

Punta del este rentals

A nice place with nice houses.

Pines rental properties in Punta del Este

Another interesting neighborhood with nice houses and lots of trees and gardens.

Vacation Properties in the Punta del Este Golf

Place large residences in large parks, along the lines of the famous golf courses.

Rental properties in Rincon del Indio Punta del Este

Another good option to stay.

Rental properties in Punta Ballena

Punta Ballena is known by such imposing grottos. It is a quiet and natural place to stay.


 Uruguay  has earned a well-deserved reputation for tranquility, where people live in a calmer and less stressful environment, where goodness is an abundant resource and source of being. That is why it is the ideal place to relax and reset ourselves. Thus, it allows people to rethink some things and return renewed and prepared to face real life work throughout the year, with another point of view and with other energies.Advice from Inmobiliaria La Cite, Uruguay Properties for Sale, Punta del Este Condos for Sale 2023 Luxury and Comfortable


Behind Bridges: The Bar, a lovely place with the magic of yesteryear

Bridges Leonel Viera, the curious and ingenious constructionsThey are suspension bridges used to cross the creek Maldonado. The first bridge was built in the sixties. Before the crossing was done in Balsa. Years later, given the number of vehicles, was a twin of the original bridge, to enable two-way.

Ancient fishing villageThe bar was once a fishing village, and thus realize some colorful and modest buildings that remain.

The path of antiquities: the streets of La Barra are adorned with relics of bygone times

Many antique dealers have their place here and many tourists that roam, looking for treasures from the past.

At night, the bar is illuminated and full of fun pubs and discs

At Bar there are many bars, pubs, nightclubs and discos very different characteristics, where people of all ages gather to have fun.

Springs, unspoiled nature and comfortable properties

Springs is a great place to spend quiet family vacation surrounded by nature and unspoilt beaches.

Rental properties in other areas of Punta del Este

No properties for rent in Punta del Este in all areas.

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