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Punta de Este created in Argentina in 1982. Eleven years later, opened offices in Uruguay. Today is a leader in the real estate business, and has pride that after more than 30 years in the market, people still choose due to the great attention and excellent quality of service.

Our service is so complete that our customers are not only in South America but also in Europe and the United States. This is because we are the only one who can serve their clients in Spanish, English and native German.

Due to the number of customers from Northern Europe, we have a representative in the town of Westerland (located on the island of Sylt in the North Sea). There also welcomes those who want to settle permanently in Uruguay, and he counsels and advises legally to get your immigrant visa.

Why choose a real estate punta del este

Whenever you want to buy or rent a property, it is essential to do so by a realtor to get the right advice and thus, to make the right decisions.

With a realtor, you can rent or buy real prices because households are all priced by professional and conform to realities of the market price, and not a price that emerges from the owner who is fond their properties or takes advantage of the demand to sell more expensive.

uruguay real estate listings, properties for sale punta del este, houses in the beach. Whenever you want to buy or rent a property, it is essential to do so by a realtor to get the right advice and thus, to make the right decisions

Working with a realtor, you can choose the house you want in less time, since they recommend and do visit and evaluate only the properties that, based on their prior consultation requirements were previously selected by the agent.

Why choose La Cite Real Estate

La Cite Real Estate is your best option to sell or rent homes in Punta del Este. Although there are many real estate, we highlight as we offer things that no other offers. These are

  • 21 years of experience in Punta del Este.

  • Team of professionals who speaks Spanish, English and German.

  • Many properties and clients.

  • Company registered with the Ministry of Tourism as a real estate broker.

  • Custom solutions for your property.

  • Membership in ADIPE (Association of Realtors of Punta del Este)

  • Your property for sale will be published on our website in three languages, positioned by a team of professional search engine in the US and Europe.

  • We have professionals (lawyers, accountants, notaries) of excellent quality.

  • Property Management Service

    If you leave your property with us at any time you decide to come, will have it in perfect condition for habitation or show it for sale or rent. These properties are reviewed twice a week for asearlas and ventilate (obviously by people in our absolute confidence).

    Each time you visit the house, it appears that everything is under conditions and in case you have to do any repairs or maintenance, the owners will be informed and we will search budgets to present to fix everything quickly and easily.

    Our service includes hiring gardeners and cleaning the pool, besides being connected to an alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our department administers many current accounts for payment of electricity, water, domestic staff, telephone, and all that is needed. At the end of each month the owner is sent a detailed statement yet.

    Valuations of Properties

    As we are members of the Association of Realtors of Punta del Este, can perform official appraisals of properties and then present them before a court or government entity. We can also assess any property for sale or rent, but for this we must make a preliminary visit to see the geographical location and condition of the property. Once this is done, we communicate with you to set the price at which property be offered.

    The spell of Punta del Este

    Since its golden age in the 1930s, Punta del Este has been a destination that attracts new tourists without losing the old ones, who return every season. It is there that the gifts of nature are combined with a wide range of services of great sophistication. The different areas are capable of accommodating people who come with different expectations, tastes and budgets. For this reason, unlike other spa cities, it is a destination that is visited throughout the year, Punta del Este has a different charm in each season and travelers know it.

    Safe market to invest in properties

    As an investment market, Uruguay is one of the most stable in the region, being highly regarded in international forums and organizations for being very transparent. According to international organizations, it is the Latin American country with the lowest rate of corruption. Laws are clear, contracts are honored, and the judicial system offers enviable strength as a neutral arbiter in conflicts that may arise. In this sense, there are no differences between nationals and foreigners: equality before the law is for everyone. Likewise, the open liberal economy system allows foreign capital to circulate without problems or restrictions, be they banking or tax.

    Thus, in Uruguay anyone can buy any property.

    Invest in bricks to protect savings

    This is why it is a place very chosen by foreigners for the purchase of properties, as a way to protect and make savings work. Whether for a summer home, as a rental property or a mix of the two previous options, many people have chosen to invest in Uruguay, and especially in Punta del Este, as it is a city that remains among the most chosen from South America for decades.

    As there are strong regulations regarding construction, one can safely assume that your home will not be devalued by changes such as a real estate explosion of low-quality construction, installation of industries, precariousness, etc. On the contrary, Punta del Este remains true to its style: it grows and renews itself, without changing.

    We are associated, like other real estate companies in Punta del Este, to the Chamber Located at the southern end that divides the waters of the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean and owns the most coveted beaches of the Uruguayan coasts, with a permanent population of 19,263 inhabitants; Punta del Este, is recognized for its first class tourist attraction.

    A new beginning. Live in Uruguay

    But there are also foreigners who chose Uruguay to make a new beginning and so there are several who choose Maldonado or Punta del Este to live. Of these foreigners, there are many Argentines, who opted for a quiet place, by the sea, to get away from the noise of Buenos Aires, for example. In many cases these are people looking for something different after retirement.

    But there are also many who come in their active stage, seeking a better quality of life.

    Real Estate Orientation in Uruguay

    Our real estate company was created in the 80's in Argentina and in 1993 we opened the offices in Uruguay. In these twenty-one years, with a solid and faultless work, we have been able to satisfy thousands of clients from all over the world, both for fixed or temporary rentals, sales, purchases and relocation of foreigners. Our clients come from all over the world: not only Argentina and Brazil, but also the United States and Europe. That is why we have multilingual Spanish, English and German staff and even to meet the demand of tourists from Northern Europe we have opened an office in Germany.

    Great experience and support

    Our Great Experience allows us to ensure that we have among the properties we offer the one you are looking for. The La Cité Staff is made up of experts who will be able to advise you on everything you need, legal and tax aspects, banking procedures, immigration procedures, construction aspects, areas that are more appropriate to your desire or need, etc.

    A serious tool to find the properties you are looking for in the main resort of Uruguay, where we offer properties for sale and for rent, houses for rent in punta del este, houses for sale in punta del este, apartments for rent in punta del este, apartments for sale in punta del este, premises for sale and for rent, land, plots in Private Neighborhoods, and fractions in Country Clubs for sale, farms for sale and for rent.

    Opportunities of houses, apartments, apartments, farms for rent in Uruguay

    Here you can see all the opportunities for renting and selling houses, apartments, land, land in Barrios Cerrados, premises, fields, farms, shops in Punta del Este and throughout the Department of Maldonado, with photos taken from the aesthetic point of view, and with all the necessary information for those interested in buying and renting a property in Punta del Este.

    Punta del Este receives millions of tourists a year so it has a wide variety of apartments for all tastes and pockets offering the best options for perfect accommodation.

    In the center of Punta del Este there are more and more properties for rent located in elegant apartments facing the sea; an excellent option for an extended stay at the height of the scene.

    As for the best of the best accommodation options, the vast majority of people choose to rent properties and apartments.

    More than 50 years of work and a wide base of properties in Montevideo, Punta del Este and Canelones provide you with the security you need.

    These properties for rent in Punta del Este are characterized by their comfort, however the range of costs is wide, with luxury possibilities for those who do not skimp and more affordable offers for those who want a more austere vacation.

    Here you can see all those opportunities for renting and selling properties, apartments, land, land in Barrios Cerrados, premises, fields, farms, shops in Punta and throughout Uruguay, with aesthetically-cared images, and with all the necessary info to Those interested in buying and renting an apartment in Punta.

    Because we are proud of Punta del Este, we want to share this site with you so that you can access the rentals in Punta del Este in pesos.

    In the center of Punta del Este there are many apartments for rent located in elegant buildings facing the sea; an excellent possibility for an extended stay at the height of the move.

    In many rental markets, the monthly rent for a two- and three-bedroom apartment is proportionally less to the bedroom than the rent for a one-bedroom apartment (in other words, a three-bedroom flat costs more than a one-bedroom, but not three more times).

    Our site is in the first positions in the search results related to the sale and rental of properties in Google Uruguay, as well as in search engines in the rest of the world.

    La Cite is a real estate portal and database in which we work every day with our associate agents, individuals and real estate agents in Punta del Este to put at your disposal the best real estate deals in Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio.

    Inmobiliaria La Cite has the experience and in-depth knowledge of the market to guide you in your ideal real estate investment in the areas from Punta Ballena to José Ignacio.

    Contact Us, and a member of the Team will advise you on what you need, Real Estate La Cite Uruguay, Advice to buy, sell, rent, live or vacation.

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