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Punta del Este is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in South America. The natural beauty is combined with a large tourist infrastructure to generate endless possibilities for fun.

Investments in Uruguay Houses for Rent or Purchase, the best cities and beaches. All in La Cité

That's why we are annually million tourists from Argentina and the world that pass along the beaches and commercial circuits.

Not just a summer dream

Punta del Este receives tourism throughout the year. His great proximity to our country makes them many who choose even for a getaway weekend.

So the city does not "hibernate" and consequently, the housing movement continues throughout the year.

Properties that render Uruguay Investment

That's why more and more people choose Punta del Este as an investment location.

And the high stability and reliability Uruguayan economic market, which has many legal certainty, much sought after by investors, make the neighboring country an attractive option to place capital with low risk and quite high profitability.

Properties for all budgets

Who knows Punta del Este know that you can find from mansions incredible luxury, even monoambientes with kitchenette, and in between, all intermediate options: simple houses villa with pool, very broad beachfront apartments with many amenities, departments family type, etc., etc.

So from the point of view of tourists and from which you want to invest, there are properties of all kinds in Punta del Este.

Advice and the Best Investments in Uruguay Houses to Rent or Buy All in La Cité Uruguay with fruitful properties, Uruguay Investment

How to choose  | Uruguay Investment

A good real estate advisor may offer you the properties that best meet your expectations. For that, we must be clear about a few things:

- The budget available

- Punta del este properties

As is obvious, what you buy depends on money held for investment. The budget must be clear in advance, so that does not happen such that one end into debt to "stretch" to get a house they love. Better bring a cool head.

- To what are you going to use

This will define both the area where you buy as the property type and size. The best area will not be the same for example for a property destined to daily rental or classic holiday, or season, or even if the owner wants to use it in turns.

Procedures and legal issues

The Uruguayan system allows anyone to buy any property, without distinction between domestic and foreign.also taxes are the same, and can be calculated very clearly, no surprises. Transparency is a characteristic of all the Uruguayan system

On the other hand, you can also operate without problems in the banking system.

Unless the investor is very experienced in the field, it is highly advisable that the operation be done by a real estate consultant, who will not only show the available properties (with its advantages and disadvantages according to their expectations of Use ), but so can advise on the legal and tax, and it may recommend clerks, managers, everything you need.

How to Recover Investment

By investing, you're obviously thinking about the benefits you get.

Buy a house or apartment for investment will allow you to begin receiving the benefits almost immediately, when you start renting the property.

Rents have evolved to follow the needs of tourism.

So, now it is very common in Punta del Este properties are rented by the month, week or even a day, because it is a very convenient option for travelers who find a fully equipped home, something for many more convenient (and cheaper) than a hotel.

For the owner's profit is higher. Of course, this means that someone has to take care of renting and maintaining all conditions for the next. But this is why I do own: there are many estate in exchange for a modest fee "take" houses for temporary rent.

In this mode, notice to the property owner can withdraw it at certain times of the rent to use it himself.

Of course, the classic holiday remains in force, and has for a long time that the owner can have extra money each month.

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