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La Cite is the number one property management company in Punta del Este. If you want to experience a vacation, settle there or sell your, we are the firm that will be with you at all times, guaranteeing complete advice, attention and support.

Punta del Este is an ideal place to vacation

Punta del Este is an ideal place to vacation, have a nice romantic getaway or go enjoy with friends. Punta is the perfect mix between nature and city. On the one hand, due to its own geography, it boasts stunning landscapes, the best beaches on the entire Atlantic coast and one of the most popular in South America. On the other hand, it contains all the comforts and services necessary to have the best time: countless businesses, shops, restaurants, markets, craft fairs and much more.

Real Estate Uruguay Beach, Sale, Rent, Investments, to Live or Vacation

Due to the fact that it consists of a peninsular territory, Punta del Este has two well-differentiated shores, which contain the so-called "Playa Mansa" -towards the Río de La Plata- and "la Brava" -towards the Atlantic Ocean-. This allows an infinity of activities, among which are many water sports such as skiing, diving, aquasurfing, surfing, funboarding, kitesurfing and bodyboarding. One of the most visited spas is "La Olla", whose sand and water stand out for their quality.
Truly, Punta del Este has something for all tastes. If you like the night scene, it prese
nts the most exclusive pubs, bowling alleys, discos and pools in all of Uruguay. If, on the other hand, you prefer to indulge in daytime activities, there is a range of possibilities to walk, bike, horseback, 4x4 and drive along its streets and nooks and crannies. Just to name some of the biggest tourist attractions in Punta del Este, we must not ignore José Ignacio -an initially fishing village that has now achieved the status of being an elite place-, La Barra -a top site in the summer- and the Peninsula –with its lighthouse, its Avenida Golero and its shopping centers-.

Nor should we ignore the famous Isla de los Lobos, where there is the largest concentration of two-haired sea lions in the world. In addition, if you visit Punta del Este you cannot miss Punta Ballena (or "Punta de La Ballena"), located 115 kilometers from Montevideo and 18 kilometers from Punta del Este, to whose tourist and urban development it has joined, becoming in one of the centers that attract the most visitors. This is due to its beautiful landscape and delicate beaches, which combine parts of fine sand beach with coarse sand beaches, caves and rocks. It is a very accessible site since it is located only 3 kilometers from the Laguna del Sauce where the "El Sauce" International Airport operates.

Uruguay Beaches Sun Wonderful Vacations Real Estate Uruguay Beach, Sale, Punta del Este Rentals 2023 Houses and Apartments to Enjoy. Throughout the winter, all these novelties will be accompanied by other special initiatives. For example, the Casino of the Resort will present important promotions, in different restaurants of the Resort gastronomic cycles will be carried out and Ovo Night Club, the disco that changed night entertainment in Punta del Este, will propose parties and performances by renowned

Tourists and permanent residents choose Punta del Este for points such as Coronel Mancebo Park, Medina Park, Lussich Arboretum, Pan de Azúcar Zoo, Pan de Azúcar Breeding Station and El Jagüel Park. In addition, they do not stop pointing out the great artistic and cultural movement that works there, expressed in the existence of numerous historical and plastic museums, such as the Carolino Regional Historical Museum, the Nicolás García Uriburu Museum, the French Tile Museum of the 19th century, the Sports Museum, the Artiguist Didactic Museum and the Francisco Mazzoni Regional Museum.

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La Cite Inmobiliaria is your best option when it comes to wanting to sell or rent houses in Punta del Este. Although there are many real estate agencies, we stand out because we offer things that no one else offers. Next, we will give the reasons why you should choose us:
29 years of experience in Punta Del Este guarantee the quality of our service.
Multilingual team that speaks Spanish, English and German.
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Company registered in the Ministry of tourism as a real estate broker.
Customized solutions for your property.

Membership in the ADIPE (Association of Real Estate Agents of Punta del Este)
Your property for sale will be published on our website in three languages, positioned by a team of professionals in search engines in the United States and Europe.
We have professionals (lawyers, accountants, public notaries) of excellent quality.

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