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Among the most recognized Real Estate in Montevideo Uruguay

Why choose to Cite Real estate transactionsLa Cite Real Estate is one of the most recognized companies in Uruguay since serving in the main towns of this country. Thus, although its operations are conducted from the wonderful seaside resort of Punta del Este, La Cite is also one of the most sought after real estate in Montevideo Uruguay. Year after year many customers choose La Cite for his career in the real estate market. From 18 years ago this property boasts an extensive portfolio of clients and properties that differentiate it from others.

The staff of Real Estate Cite

consists of professionalsAnother major feature of La Cite Housing that stand above other real estate in the region is its team of professionals. La Cite this conformed by professionals Economics and Law frontline. They also offer multilingual services (Spanish, English, German).

La Cite Real estate company registered as a provider of real estate servicesLa Cite Real Estate is a company registered with the Ministry of Tourism as a Real Estate Broker and is a member of the Association of Realtors of Punta del Este (ADIPE).

Real Estate in Uruguay:

properties through La CiteLa Cite Real Estate has an extensive portfolio of properties and clients. Note that if what you want is to sell a property, the same shall be published in the official website in three languages ​​and appear in search engines in Europe and the United States.

Houses and apartments in Punta del Este, UruguayLa Cite is to sell houses and apartments in Punta del Este. Given the number of properties offering customers wishing to settle in this city or who want to invest can choose between different neighborhoods and different styles of homes.

Houses and apartments in Montevideo

capital of UruguayYou can also purchase through the La Cite Real Estate homes or apartments in Montevideo. The offer is varied so that the customer can choose different areas of the city with different values ​​per square meter.

houses and apartments for sale throughout UruguayIf you're looking for is not in Punta del Este and Montevideo, Available at La Cite Housing for properties in other departments of Uruguay,

Sales of farms and fields in Uruguay in La CiteLa Cite Real Estate for sale also has farms and fields throughout Uruguay.

Sale of Commercial Land

in UruguayFor those who are developing their business in Uruguay, La Cite the commercial Real Estate has local sales offices and highest in Punta del Este and Montevideo.

La Cite Real estate investment in real estate projects of great projectionFor investments in medium and long-term Cite Real Estate offers the possibility of investing in real estate projects with great future prospects. This is possible due to the stability of Uruguay.

La Cite Real Estate

offers the most comprehensive property searchAll properties offered by Cite Inmobiliaira, as one of the most important real estate in Uruguay Montevideo and Punta del Este, are available through the property search engine featuring the official website . Through this tool you can perform advanced searches in the interests of each client and their budget. This allows the client to have an idea of ​​the status of properties and acts as an incentive to come to receive further advice.

La Cite Real estate properties available throughout Uruguay, mainly Punta del Este

Real Estate in Montevideo Uruguay

All services La Cite offers its customersLa Cite Housing provides other services to its customers:

Administration of houses, apartments and farms: bespoke packagesThis service is offered primarily to customers who already purchased their property in Punta del Este but do not live there permanently. Thus, what is sought is that the customer is assured that your property will be in professional hands. La Cite Real Estate has packages to suit each client: visits, people cleaning, gardening and cleaning pools, and other services that can be included in the management pack.

Performing official appraisals of properties throughout UruguayAs discussed, La Cite Real Estate is a member of the Association of Realtors of Punta del Este which is duly licensed to perform property appraisals to present before courts or government bodies. You can also request this service for appraisals of real estate for sale or rent.


For foreigners who decide to settle in Punta del EsteLa Cite Real Estate offers a relocation service for those who wish to settle in Punta del Este seasonal or permanently. The service, run by professionals in the field, is to keep your clients as comfortable as possible with your decision. Thus, the service offers from the search of the property to the brokerage with a moving company. Also request assistance from the residence in Uruguay for customers from other countries is provided.

Real Estate in Montevideo Uruguay


La Cite Real estate experience and quality in Uruguay If you are looking for real estate in Montevideo, La Cite Real Estate is for you. While it is located at 28th Street and Gorlero of Punta del Este, Uruguay Maldonado province also serves and has properties for sale in the Uruguayan capital. Thus, you may be contacted by telephone at: (598 42) 445368/69 or (598 42) 770 978. From Buenos Aires you can communicate directly with Uruguay making a local call number: 011-4721-4548. You may visit the website of La Cite Estate where all services are detailed and it is also possible to search for properties: