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Rentals in Punta del Este Uruguay

Punta del Este is the destination of choice for many. It is known for its white sand beaches, its houses with gardens and plants around the world, and of course for its glamor and luxury.
is the ideal place to rest after a whole year of work place, but the matter is deciding whether to rent a house or apartment and in what area, according to the budget that count.

Tips to get your next rental

Since rent in Punta del Este are varied and wide ranges, here are some facts to consider when deciding to rent properties in Punta del Este.

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Rent in Punta del Este. When should I rent?

How in most resort areas, vacation in Punta del Este are more expensive in high season period, which begins in late December and runs through February. Renters during this period usually start looking since August, as demand makes it very difficult to find a car at the last minute.

Rent in Punta del Este. What should house or apartment ?

house has its pros and cons. Decide for a house rental in Punta del Este is to opt for a larger place, have a garden, a patio, a terrace, and above all more privacy.

But those who decide to rent a temporary apartment in Punta del Este, do so because they prioritize safety above all.

apartment rentals in Punta del Este is chosen by those who prefer to spend a summer without having to worry that your belongings are safe in the place of residence, or be afraid when you open or close the gate to get the car.

also choose department in Punta del Este has the advantage of maintaining housing requires less effort and money, as opposed to having a home.

Rental Properties in Punta del Este Uruguay

For those who choose this holiday house in Punta del Este the offer is very diverse, as it includes different styles of homes in all areas of the resort. This option is ideal for those who prefer peace and privacy.

house prices and many styles for both families and couples or groups of young people can be found.

The Desired Vacations or Living in a Country with Paradise Beaches Luxury Uruguay Houses for Rent

Some areas for holiday homes in Punta del Este

  • Suburbs

  • Portezuelo

  • Pinares

  • Barra

  • Springs

  • José Ignacio

  • Punta Ballena

  • Chihuahua

Rental Apartments in Punta del Este Uruguay

There is a wide range to rent apartments in Punta del Este. All with the necessary equipment to be installed and unwind after working all year.

departments can be found in Punta del Este with a wonderful sea view, and options from studio apartments to lofts sophisticated design.

And as offer spacious apartment types, so are their prices, which vary by region and style of the unit you choose.

Some areas apartment rentals in Punta del Este

  • Peninsula

  • Playa Mansa

  • Playa Brava

  • Barra

  • Springs

  • José Ignacio

  • Punta Ballena
  • Chihuahua

Rent by day, weekend or week

Other data to consider is that during the high season most rentals are charged per fortnight or month. But if what is sought is to rent per day, weekend or week, is more commonly found in low season.

Rent in Punta del Este. With whom shall we go?

Is important to know how many people will be occupying the apartment or house to rent, since it is common that some owners are unwilling to rent the place to a greater number of persons exceeding the capacity of accommodation or facilities given building income young children are not allowed.

Rent in Punta del Este. Monetary agreement.

Generally for holiday a deposit of 10 % of the total amount as a down payment is required, although this may vary. On the other hand it is advisable to note that there is a security deposit that is charged to cover the costs of various services, and finally, the total amount is payable when possession of the property is taken.

Rent in Punta del Este. Does the service

Must be clear about the costs that are included in the total price when you sign a lease in Punta del Este not surprised by extra charges when leaving the place are. Many rentals may include cleaning service, Internet, gardening staff if it is a house, parking, etc.., But you should be clear from the beginning.

Rent in Punta del Este low cost

For those looking for low cost summering can also choose destination Punta del Este and enjoy the beauty that the city offers.

They will choose the best option departments further away from the downtown area and the sea, where prices are lower.

What areas note?

Areas to consider for renting apartments in Punta del Este so low cost is the Roosevelt Avenue, offering furnished apartment buildings at a much lower price and let you enjoy a holiday in the same way.

Rent in Punta del Este. Payment.

Restriction to purchase dollars in Argentina is not a serious drawback for the holiday, because the dollar will be replaced by other forms of payment.

Rentals in Punta del Este in pesos - Vacation in Punta del Este in dollars

For example there realtors who receive payments in pesos at the exchange rate of the day in Montevideo.

Another possible way is the credit card payment in pesos and through the funding of several payments in installments.

Rent in Punta del Este all year

For those who need to rent an apartment or house all year and incidentally enjoy the natural beauty of the city, there are a variety of selection of rental for the full year.

Rent in Punta del Este. Relocation.

For those who decide to settle in Punta del Este, it is important to know that there realtors that offer comprehensive relocation services.

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