Find in Uruguay Beachfront Real Estate, Houses, Apartments, The Best

Reasons to choose a Real Estate Uruguay

Many people think that using a realtor to rent a house or an apartment is a waste of time and is more expensive. These people should know that whenever you want to buy or rent a property, it is essential to have the right advice, so that way, to make the right decisions.

At La Cite Real Estate Punta del Este, we have permission to formally appraise properties and then present them before a court or government, uruguay real estate ocean front, summer 2022

La Cite Real Estate. Find the best Houses - Holidays 2022.The real prices, which we works, will help you to have the exactly property that you need.

Find in Uruguay Beachfront Real Estate, Houses, Apartments, The Best

The reality is that with a realtor, can access real prices, as the houses were all priced by professional and conform to realities of the market price, and not a price that emerges from the owner who is fond of his properties or takes advantage of the demand to sell more expensive.

Working with a realtor, you can choose the best in less time, since they recommend and do visit and evaluate only the properties that, based on their prior consultation requirements were previously selected by the agent.

For any problem you have, you will have the peace of mind the professional support and the easiest solution from the housing, avoiding entering operations endless clutter in the documentation and situations that may never realize.

Valuation of property

In La Cite Real Estate, we have permission to formally assess properties and then present them before a court or government entity because we are members of the Association of Realtors of Punta del Este.

It allows us to assess any property for sale or rent. However, this is not to blind, and to do this you must visit the site and evaluate several things about it, for example the location and condition of the property. Once you do that, contact you to set the price at which it will be offered.

Foreign Relocation Service

There are several foreigners who want to move or buy a house to rent in Punta del Este. For them, we have a filing service that includes finding a property, assistance in obtaining permanent residence and brokering of a moving company.

Find a Real Estate Uruguay

We also help in the search for a house to buy and rent, Summer 2022 and in obtaining an immigrant visa. We also offer the service to manage the property until they are, so they can rest assured that we will take care when they are not there

In La Cite not only care about because for the house, but we help for a possible life in Punta del Este, as we collaborate advising so you can open bank accounts, to which contact utility companies and we hired a company Moving. If you have children, help in finding a school.

Property Management Service

La Cite Real Estate. Find the best Houses - Holidays 2022

If you leave your property in our hands, we give you the peace of mind that any time you come, be in perfect condition either to live or to display it for sale or rent. We review the properties twice a week by employees of our absolute confidence cleaning and ventilate.

On the issue of security of the house you can rest assured that we have alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our role when visiting your home, you see that everything is in good condition. Whether to make any repairs or maintenance, the owners will be informed and we will seek to introduce budgets so they can fix everything quickly and easily.

Contact Us, and a member of the Team will advise you on what you need, Real Estate La Cite Uruguay, Advice to buy, sell, rent, live or vacation.

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