For Your Vacations Apartments For Rent in Uruguay 2023

Where to Find Beautiful Beaches and Tranquility Apartments For Rent in Uruguay 2023

Punta del Este, that place that charms

To Punta del Este, the brightness does not go off but instead grows and grows each year. While its foundation is much older and is loaded with fantastic stories of pirates and treasures that have even given names to some places, it was from its golden age in the 30s when he began to grow and grow, in glamor, in extent , capable of tourist services. But the wonderful thing is that Punta del Este was able to do that without losing its essence, its original charm. Since then, the number of tourists who visit each year has become huge, one of the most preferred resorts in South America, not only by people from neighboring countries but also around the world, and especially the European northern summer approaching Punta del Este to get away from the cold northern winter.

Sun and sea during the day: Punta del Este has beaches for everyone

Apartments for rent. Flats to Rent Uruguay.

Punta del Este has a particular situation, while limit or where the Río de la Plata meeting its waters with the Atlantic Ocean, thus delimiting the huge estuary (which reaches south to Punta Rasa, near San Clemente in Argentina Republic). This means that Punta del Este has a few meters two completely different types of beaches in terms of waves: La Mansa, further south, still the smoothest movement of the river, and La Brava, north side, offering cost more challenging. Determining various coastal features are very different beaches to suit all tastes. The more green, where vegetation almost touches the sea, there are more suitable for sports such as surfing and other water sports, there are populated with houses and inns, there are solitary and remote. That's why Punta del Este has many fans who seek and find different things. Outside, there is a bountiful nature that invites to be covered with very different landscapes such as the caves of Punta Ballena, Gorriti Island, island of Lobos and many others. It also has a very important art scene, with places like Casapueblo, Paez Vilaró and international exhibitions.

At sunset, shopping and walksAt dusk, and on rainy days, Gorlero Avenue displays the full splendor of their windows (which include the presence of large international brands) and loads of lights and people walking slowly in front of them to buy or simply to look. Many coffee shops, tea houses or ice cream parlors offer a pleasant break for strollers. Also in this avenue there are several cinemas and theaters. It is a few blocks full of glitter and entertainment.

At night, lots of fun in the bars and clubs in Punta del EsteAt night, the post is made by the many and varied restaurants, clubs, bars and all kinds of where young and old night spots include the opportunity to spend much fun nights.

Why rent an apartment should be compared with other optionsAs is to be expected in such a cosmopolitan resort town, there are many options to stay in Punta del Este. These options range from very important with many star hotels to more modest hotels, aparts hotels, bungalows, cottages, inns, hostels and campsites. In addition, there are many properties, both houses and apartments that are rented to tourists, seasonal, fortnightly, weekly and even daily. The most convenient option for each depends on many factors, but roughly be said that an apartment is an excellent choice when travelers are several, they are friends or family.

Freedom and independence

Rent an apartment gives you the opportunity to manage their own time more freedom and independence. A hotel always times: to arrive, for breakfast, for cleaning the rooms, etc. To arrive, come and go without restrictions and without having to advertise is a great convenience also has to do with privacy, the hotel is much smaller.

Chance to find price

There are many apartments for rent in all areas of all sizes and all kinds of prices. Always possible to find the right one.

Stay Costs are reduced to eating at Home Eating at home greatly reduces the costs of stay. And, very importantly, allows for better health care, may continue a healthy diet as we do at home. This is especially important when traveling with children, whose delicate body can be damaged much restaurant food.

The best apartments for rent in Peninsula: to feel the pulse of the cityPeninsula is the center of Punta del Este, and there is Gorlero Avenue. Rent an apartment in this neighborhood feel to allow full movement of the city, enjoy the surrounding businesses, have good communication and be close to everything. It is a good choice for those traveling without a car.

Many departments hire in Roosevelt: comfort, closeness and excellent viewsRoosevelt is also a shopping area and there are located several shopping malls and supermarkets. It has excellent communications to all locations and departments achieve spectacular views of the area.

 For Your Vacations Apartments For Rent in Uruguay 2023 The more green, where vegetation almost touches the sea, there are more suitable for sports such as surfing and other water sports, there are populated with houses and inns, there are solitary and remote.

Houses rent in Mansa, the beach chosen families

For those who prefer the beach, there are many apartments available that will have to travel to reach the beach.

Houses for rent in La Brava

There are also many departments in La Brava.

Houses for rent in La Barra: to enjoy the charm of a fishing villageA Bar is accessed by crossing the suspension bridges Leonel Viera, which are themselves an attraction. The bridge was built to facilitate the crossing of the Maldonado stream. The bar is an old fishing village and has a charm, simple, colorful houses, which were adding yet unobtrusive most luxurious homes. The village has a touch of bohemian romanticism and very visible example of the many antique shops in there.

Rent apartment in Rincón del Indio

In Rincón del Indio departments may be allowed to enjoy a quiet environment.

Rent apartment in Springs: green and beachMore virgin and wild, Springs offers a unique experience, full of peace and quiet, perfect for family life and connect with nature.

Rent apartment in Punta Ballena: for those seeking tranquility Punta Ballena also offers a quiet stay, close to this amazing place made ​​up of the famous caves. This is only a small list, because in truth there are departments in all districts. You can contact La Cité Realtor for your inquiry and know all the properties we have available.