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La Cite Inmobiliaria was created in Argentina in 1982, and 11 years later it opened offices in Uruguay. Today it is a leading company in its field, and after more than 30 years in the market, people continue to choose it due to the great attention and excellent quality of service

Our service is so extensive that our clients are not only from South America, but also from the United States and Europe. We stand out from other companies as we are the only one that can serve its customers in Spanish, English and German.

Due to the increase in customers from Northern Europe, we have a representative in the city of Westerland which is located on the island of Sylt, located in the North Sea. Those who want to settle permanently in Uruguay are also received there, and are advised and legally advised to obtain their residence visa.

To Invest in Real Estate in Uruguay the Best Advice Choose Houses Or Apartments In Uruguay Coastal Real Estate La Cite

La Cite Inmobiliaria is your best option when it comes to wanting to sell or rent houses in Punta del Este. Although there are many real estate agencies, we stand out because we offer things that no one else offers. Next, we will give the reasons why you should choose us:

21 Years of Experience in Punta Del Este guarantee the quality of our service. Multilingual team that speaks Spanish, English and German. Many properties and clients. Company registered in the Ministry of tourism as a real estate broker. Customized solutions for your property. Membership in the ADIPE (Association of Real Estate Agents of Punta del Este) Your property for sale will be published on our website in three languages, positioned by a team of professionals in the search engines of the United States and Europe. We have professionals (lawyers, accountants, public notaries) of excellent quality.

Property Management Service

If you leave your property with us, at any time you decide to come, it will be in perfect condition to be inhabited or displayed for sale or rent. These properties are checked twice a week to clean and ventilate them (obviously by people we absolutely trust).

Every time the house is visited, it is observed that everything is in good condition and if it is necessary to do any repairs or maintenance. If so, the owners will be informed and we will take care of finding estimates to present to them to fix everything quickly and easily.

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We hire gardeners and cleaning for the pool, in addition to being connected to an alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our department manages many checking accounts to pay for electricity, water, domestic staff, telephone, and everything else that is needed. At the end of each month, a detailed account statement is sent to the owner with everything.

Homes managed by us are added to our portfolio of priority rentals. They are published on our website, in three languages, and are aimed at the regional, European and United States market. Your benefit is our goal.

Relocation of foreigners

Thanks to the attractions that Punta del Este has, more and more foreigners want to settle there, either for the season or permanently. For them, we have a filing service that includes lawyers , notaries and accountants. This service offers the search for a property, assistance in obtaining permanent residence and the intermediation of a moving company.

In summary, these are the services we offer for the relocation of foreigners: Search for housing to buy or rent Help in obtaining a residence visa Opening of bank accounts Help with a moving company Contact with service companies Legal advice Assistance in medical insurance Assistance in searching for colleges Administration of the property during the absence.

Property appraisals - Contact us

As members of the Real Estate Association of Punta del Este, we can carry out official appraisals of properties and then present them before a court or official entity. We can also appraise any property for sale or rent, although for this a visit would have to be made to see the geographical situation and the state of the property. Once this is done, we contact you to define the price at which your property will be offered.

Contact Us, and a member of the Team will advise you on what you need, Real Estate La Cite Uruguay, Advice to buy, sell, rent, live or vacation.

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