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Real estate operations are the transactions that deserve the most care in people's lives. La Cite Inmobiliaria is what you are looking for for your real estate operations.

That it is well located, that it is a good investment and that it is easy to resell are premises to obtain a Property in Uruguay, or if you wish to make an Investment to later Rent, or to spend your vacations in magnificent Beaches

Luxurious, Exclusive, Magnificent, Economical, Comfortable and with a view of the Sea

These are just some of the aspects to consider when choosing a property to buy.

The list also includes that the property in question must also have the documentation in order, be a good construction, have the necessary comforts and be the only standard if it is a house, among other details.

Magnificent Properties in Uruguay Homes for Sale on Beach with Ocean View

According to real estate there are many variables that seem to influence when choosing a home. And although these possibilities are directly linked to the structure of each family with its lifestyle, a rule could well be established that seems to govern most sales. Respecting this formula for many developers is the basis of the success of each of their projects.

How much is your property worth?

We have the experience of years of experience, the seriousness and trust that financial institutions, individuals, professionals who work in the judicial field have placed in us, both in terms of valuations of all types of assets and in terms of auctions.< /p>

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Now, in case you do not have dollars, the transaction will depend on the agreement that both the buyer and the seller can reach regarding the value, form and currency of payment.

As today there are no clear parameters to establish a reference framework (since beyond the official dollar, which almost nobody can access, there are parallel quotes for the currency), so everything will be subject to one's possibilities and needs. of the other.

How to sell a property in Uruguay?

The more information you deliver on portals and advertisements, the more people will be interested in the property, and they will be genuine. Only people who, with all this information, still want to buy the house will come forward. It is important to add the dimensions, the exact location, the services that it has in case of being a condominium building, number of rooms and bathrooms, storage, parking, etc.

Finding an agent with extensive knowledge of the area is key because each neighborhood has its own challenges when it comes to real estate. The ideal real estate agent will have a proven sales history in that area.

You will have clear factors such as the location of amenities, the local environment and even how government regulations can affect the sale. He will know the difficulties of the local market better than any of his residents, and for this reason he will always have the upper hand when it comes to getting his property sold.

One more tip: you have to place visible, clear and concise ads. An advertisement must be placed on the property, so that it is visible to the neighbors and to those who pass through the area on a daily basis. Many buyers spend time touring the neighborhoods that are of their choice looking for sales offers. Likewise, the neighbors will have acquaintances who may be interested in the property.

Magnificent Properties in Uruguay Homes for Sale on Beach with Ocean View. Rent in Punta del Este, vacations in front of the sea. Enjoying the City and the Beach For the summer to be pure enjoyment, it is important to reduce stress situations as much as possible. This premise becomes fundamental when it comes to renting, that is why it is important to look for the house to rent with time and through a responsible and experienced real estate agency.We have comfortable and cozy houses for up to four people. Looking for a house with a large garden is ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings without being too far from downtown and Punta del Este.

What is known about Punta del Este?

Punta del Este was born as a town on July 5, 1907, when President Claudio Williman promulgated Law No. 3186, officially declaring «...with the name of Punta del Este the group of houses located in Punta del Este , Department of Maldonado»'. At that moment in which it was decided to grant the peninsula the category of town, Punta del Este already had a definitive subdivision carried out by surveyor Francisco Surroca.

In 1889 the first hotel was built, owned by Pedro Risso. Already at that time there was already a village inhabited by seafarers and by those in charge of customs and the lighthouse, whose population gradually increased in the summer months, with people who began to see Punta del Este as a place of rest and therapy, enjoying at the same time, the natural beauties offered by its beaches.

The famous beaches of Punta de Este, La Mansa and La Brava, are found covering or drawing, so to speak, the coasts of Uruguay.

In addition, Punta del Este has a Shopping Mall and a supermarket very close to the main houses we have for sale.

Punta del Este offers a wide variety of forms of transportation:

You can take public transportation or call sea to taxi. You can rent bikes or a car.

Car rental is expensive, for this reason we recommend booking in advance whenever possible.

La Cite Inmobiliaria offers you trust, professionalism and personalized attention and has taken its clients as fundamental pillars for years. You too, despite the distance and perhaps the time difference, can have the best and honest service 24 hours a day and you can explain to us in direct contact exactly what you are looking for. You can make your query online.

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