In Uruguay Immobilien La Cite, we have a Wide Variety of Investments

La Cite is Among the Most Recognized Real Estate Agents in Uruguay

Why choose Cite to carry out real estate purchase and sale operations

La Cite is one of the most recognized real estate since it provides its services in the main towns of this country. Thus, although its operations are carried out from the wonderful seaside resort of Punta del Este, La Cite is also one of the most sought after. Year after year, numerous clients choose La Cite for its track record in the real estate market. For 18 years now, this real estate agency has had an extensive portfolio of properties and clients that differentiate it from others.

The Cite staff is made up of professionals

Another of the main characteristics of La Cite that distinguishes it from other real estate agencies in the region is its team of professionals. The Cite is made up of first-rate professionals in Economic Sciences and Law. They also offer multilingual services (Spanish, English, German).

Wonderful stay in paradisiacal beaches, in Uruguay Immobilien La Cite, we have a wide variety of rentals or property purchases

La Cite company registered as a provider of real estate services

La Cite is a company registered with the Ministry of Tourism as a Real Estate Broker and is a member of the Punta del Este Real Estate Association (ADIPE).

Properties through La Cite

La Cite has an extensive portfolio of properties and clients. It should be noted that if what you want is to sell a property, it will be published on the official website in three languages and will appear in search engines in Europe and the United States.

Houses and apartments for sale in Punta del Este

La Cite has houses and apartments for sale in Punta del Este. Given the number of properties offered by clients who wish to settle in this city or who wish to invest, they will be able to choose between different neighborhoods and different styles of housing.

Houses and apartments for sale in Montevideo

It is also possible to purchase houses or apartments in Montevideo through La Cite. The offer is very varied, so the client can choose different areas of the city with different values per square meter.

Houses and Apartments for Sale

If what you are looking for is not in Punta del Este or Montevideo, you can consult La Cite for properties in other departments of this country,

Sales of farms and fields in Uruguay at La Cite

La Cite also has farms and fields for sale, in excellent condition.

This 2023 Year that is predisposed to a great sale of Premises and Offices due to the growth of tourists and to expand its services of various shops and Restaurants in various areas of the city.

Sale of commercial premises and offices

For those who are developing their business in Uruguay, La Cite has commercial premises and offices of the highest level for sale in Punta del Este and Montevideo.

 In Uruguay Immobilien La Cite, we have a Wide Variety of Investments. Get Important Advice Uruguay Montevideo Real Estate. Excellent Properties to Buy. La Cite also has farms and fields for sale to offer, in excellent condition. Advice on La Cite <em>Uruguay Montevideo Real Estate</em>, Excellent Properties to Buy, Sell or Rent.

Investment in Real Estate Projects of Great Projection

For medium and long-term investments this 2023 the offer will be expanded, La Cite will enable you to invest in real estate projects with great prospects for the future. This is possible thanks to the stability of Uruguay.

La Cite offers the most comprehensive property search engine

All the properties offered by the Cite, as one of the most important real estate companies, can be consulted through the property search engine offered by the official website Through this tool it is possible to carry out advanced searches according to the interests of each client and their budget. This allows the client to have an idea of the situation of the properties and works as an incentive for them to approach to receive more advice.

La Cite: properties available throughout Uruguay, mainly Punta del Este

All the services that La Cite provides to its clients

La Cite provides other services to its clients:

Management of houses, apartments and farms: tailor-made packages

This service is mainly offered to those clients who have already acquired their property in Punta del Este but who do not live there permanently. In this way, what is sought is that the client is calm since his property will be in the hands of professionals. La Cite has packages tailored to each client: visits, cleaning people, gardening and pool cleaning, among other services that are can be included in the administration pack.

Performing official property appraisals throughout Uruguay

As stated, La Cite is a member of the Punta del Este Real Estate Association, which is why it is duly empowered to carry out property appraisals to present before courts or official entities. You can also request this service for property appraisals for sale or rent.

Relocation for foreigners who decide to settle in Punta del Este

La Cite offers a relocation service for all those who wish to settle in Punta del Este temporarily or permanently. The service, run by professionals on the subject, aims to make their clients as comfortable as possible with their decision. In this way, the service offers from the search for the property to the intermediation with a removal company. Likewise, assistance is provided in the request for residence in Uruguay for those clients who come from other countries.

Contact with La Cite trajectory and quality

If you are looking for real estate in Montevideo, La Cite is for you. Although it is located at Calle 28 and Gorlero in Punta del Este, the province of Maldonado also provides its services and has properties for sale in the Uruguayan capital. It is possible to visit the La Cite Inmobiliaria website where all the services are detailed and at the same time it is possible to carry out a property search.

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