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Beachfront real estate for sale in Uruguay

Choosing a house is choosing a home, so it is not just about choosing where we are going to live, but about choosing a place, a space to share, a way of life. Our houses for sale in Punta del Este mark a particular lifestyle. They speak, express, in a personal way, a way or way of conceiving the world, identity, character and idiosyncrasy of the person who buys it. Fundamentally, their customs, relationship with objects, the environment and personal are reflected in their home.

Real Estate in Punta del Este

The Facade as a Fundamental Element of your House.
The facade of the house and its interior speak of the personality, character and tastes of those who own it. It seems simple, but the truth is that surfaces project emotions, attachments, fears and that is why each property has edges, silhouettes, moldings that range from the smallest details to the owner's moods.

The Best Professionals in the Area

La Cité Inmobiliaria is not only a space for buying, renting and advising in Punta del Este, Uruguay, but also a consultation space. So do not hesitate to ask and request information about our properties. It is important that you evacuate all your doubts with us previously, so that you can ensure that you will feel comfortable in that house or apartment when you live in it.

Your house and the Style of the Neighborhood

This will allow you to consider not only the style of your house in particular, but also the style of the neighborhood, the habits of the neighbors, how to get around the neighborhood, how busy those streets are, what institutions or dependencies there are fence etc.
Punta del Este: A style of its own. The style, as we already anticipated, is also an extremely important factor. Both internal and external. Think: what attracts you more, a spacious living room imagining it with armchairs, rugs and an elegant decoration, or a small but cozy dining room, where you can have romantic candlelight dinners? Critically analyzing these factors will help you figure out what type of home to buy.

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Buying a house facing the sea: What to consider

Buying a home is a complex decision. It is not taken from one moment to another and the aspects to be analyzed are varied. Reflect on them, debate, evaluate and question them as many times as necessary, in order to conscientiously choose the corner of the world in which you will build your life.

Record of Properties in Punta del Este

This record of buildings built per year is intrinsically related not only to the current benefits of the resort but also to political promises of a convention center together with the construction of a university city, measures that will help the city to be populated also in winter and that the area has more life during this season.

The Security of a Personal Investment in the future

In the face of numerous global and regional economic ups and downs, what better way to secure your future than buying a home in a growing and ideal area to live in? Investing in a home is even better than investing in the fluctuating stock market!


To face the economic situation of the neighboring country, many people choose to generate long-term value, converting their assets into future money, with low residual value, increasing their wealth with a house in Punta del Este.


For these reasons, buying one of our houses for sale in Punta del Este may not only seem like a good deal but it really is. Secure your future with La Cité Inmobiliaria. Trust our 29 years of real estate experience in Uruguay.


La Cite Inmobiliaria was created in 1982 in Argentina, 32 years ago, but later —in 1993— the offices of Uruguay were opened, registered with the Ministry of Tourism as Real Estate Agent No. 510. If you want to connect with any of our professional staff members, you can go to Calle 28 y Gorlero, 10200 Punta del Este, send an email to lacite@lacite.com.uy or contact us by phone at our offices in Punta del Este, La Barra, Buenos Aires or Germany.

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The visible face of La Cité Inmobiliaria is represented by Anja Oest —economist with extensive experience in her work in the areas of controlling and finance, useful for all kinds of queries related to the acquisition and financing of real estate in Uruguay— and Charles Wright. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he grew up speaking German, English and Spanish as his mother tongue and worked for 22 years in transport companies in managerial positions at European and global level. Both Anja and Charles are the strong contact of this long-standing company.


Today, his clientele comes not only from Argentina and Brazil, but also from Europe and the United States. Thanks to its multilingual online and in-person service —in Spanish, German and native English—, after 18 years of being established in Uruguay, the staff has been able to build its own brand in the real estate market, synonymous with quality and trust. And not only in South America and for Spanish-speakers, but also in Europe, especially in the northern part of the Old Continent, where La Cite Inmobiliaria has a representative.


Our headquarters in the city of Westerland on the island of Sylt is the North-European equivalent of Punta del Este, which is why this office is not only a point of interest for the European elite, but is also the point of contact for those clients who wish to settle in Uruguay permanently and who may ask us for legal, tax advice and other information necessary to obtain their residence visa in the South American country.

A trustworthy service with an extensive track record

With 18 years of experience and quality in Punta del Este, a multilingual team (Spanish, English and German), an extensive portfolio of properties and clients, customized solutions and an extensive team of professionals (lawyers, public notaries and accountants ) of the first line, La Cité Inmobiliaria is your first option to buy houses for sale in Punta del Este.

LA CITÉ Inmobiliaria provides Facilities for Foreigners

La Cite Inmobiliaria not only offers sale and rental of apartments in Punta del Este, but also helps foreigners settle in the area. As it does? Through a team of notaries, lawyers and accountants, who help you find a home and also settle in Punta del Este, taking into account the procedures for permanent residence, moving personal belongings, opening bank accounts and services (water, electricity, telephone, alarm), the search for schools in case you have children of school age, the search for medical insurance and the proper legal and accounting advice.

Advantages of foreigners in the South American country

Uruguay offers several strategic advantages for foreigners, since it has no limits when it comes to investment. Anyone can buy a property in Uruguay, regardless of nationality. In addition, the country has freedom to exchange foreign currency, ease of opening a bank account —without additional requirements for foreigners—, strict regulation of banking secrecy and a solid legal system, known for its respect for contracts and laws on private property. In addition, as our company is registered with the Ministry of Tourism as a Real Estate Broker. (Registration No. 511) and being members of the Punta del Este Real Estate Association (ADIPE), trust is assured.

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