Rentals in Uruguay Real Estate Punta del Este Vacations by The Sea

Punta del Este and its Spas are a natural place to live sports, tranquility and entertainment enjoying the Sea and Nature

La Barra is a magical place located just 10 kilometers from Punta del Este Peninsula, crossing the Maldonado stream. It has a story that lies between fanciful stories of pirates and treasures (hence the name of one of the spas, El Tesoro) and an infinitely simpler one, that of the daily comings and goings of fishermen from offshore to the shore, from the shore to their homes. Different from the more luxurious Punta del Este, the place has a wild and romantic charm, without abandoning comfort and good tourist services.

Rental in La Barra, Maldonado, La Mansa the charm of its simple origins

Old fishing port, the place still bears that imprint in some of its buildings, which have been added seamlessly to the spa as a whole, which today has great notes of refinement.

Rentals in Uruguay Real Estate Punta del Este Vacations by The Sea

This conjunction of past, legend and present is what gives it that particular aspect that makes it the chosen one of many, whether to look for accommodation there or to go for the day.

The Leonel Viera Bridge and its more modern replica: a daring invention that is an architectural attraction in itself

The original bridge was inaugurated in 1965 in order to communicate the area with Punta del Este and bears the name of its designer. Before that, the journey had to be done by raft. From that moment on, the tiresome rhythm of the town changed and many tourists began to stay there, or to come just for the day. Around the year 2000 another was built, replicating the first one, to alleviate the traffic that intensified over the years. Its undulating shape and its tensioned band system are an attraction for those who like architectural curiosities.

Sun, tranquility and waves that invite you to different water sports

The beaches in the area are highly appreciated by those who like water sports: thus, during the summer the water invites those who practice surfing, windsurfing, motorcycle skiing, water skiing, kayak fishing, canoeing, yachting, etc. About fishing, in the rocky area of "La Gorgorita" artisanal fishing is practiced.

At dusk La Barra lights up with fun and glamor

Many restaurants, bars and nightclubs invite young people and adults to a night of endless fun. Many celebrities and international jet-setters can be found there for sure.

The route of antiquities

Many antique houses have settled here, giving La Barra an added charm. Thus, La Barra is filled with light and modern music at night, but continues to shake hands with the past.

Many possibilities to find properties near the sea

In La Barra it is possible to easily find properties very close to the sea, in such a way that the descent to the beach is very comfortable and fast.

Simple houses with original architecture rub shoulders with imposing residences that are not out of place

Municipal regulations have allowed the spa to grow and develop without losing its own style.

Different rental budgets in La Barra Punta del Este, cheap rentals to enjoy a summer with family or friends

In La Barra there are houses for very different budgets, which allows you to find an option within reach of every need.

Real Estate Searches in Manantiales Punta del Este

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Manantiales is still further to the east-northwest, about 10 km from the bridge. Also an old fishing port, today it is a refined seaside resort. In large tracts of land, called maritime farms, mansions of the international jet set have been built. Its name comes from a spring of water located to the east of the town, in the vicinity of El Chorro.

White Lagoon

It is a body of water measuring half a square kilometer, with a seven kilometer basin, where real estate projects have been carried out such as country clubs, etc. Altogether, it is a very beautiful and peaceful landscape.

Rent and sale of houses in Punta del Este and surrounding areas: El Chorro

El Chorro, as said, derives its name from a spring. It is a wild and quiet place where you can find spacious residences open to nature.

Real estate operations in Punta del Este: Punta Piedras, Montoya and Balneario Buenos Aires

Also in these spas there are a large number of houses to rent or buy.

Silvestris, a very special experience for those who love nature

Near the Buenos Aires Spa, is the Silvestris reserve, a place dedicated to the breeding and preservation of native and exotic birds, as well as native butterflies and flora. It is a very interesting ecotourism and educational proposal, which in three thousand meters has aviaries, a butterfly farm and a nursery, with which an attempt is made to reconstruct the natural habitat of the species for its conservation and reproduction. The visitor has the chance to learn a lot about the natural fauna of the area.

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