Houses for sale Uruguay the best Properties

Houses for sale Uruguay the best Properties

Reasons for live in Punta del Este

Punta del Este is a destination that is elected every year more people around the world to live, and who would like to enjoy its beaches, bars and restaurants and the amount of walks and excursions offered. This city has great commercial circuit with presence of large international brands and offer great artistic level that makes many people convene diverse interests with high expectations. Furthermore, in the summer, lots of presence of international famous gives a plus of elegance, especially evenings Punta del Este.

The different types of beaches located in Punta del Este is one of the main reasons for people who want to go and live there. We can find the quiet "Playa Mansa" which is more appropriate to go with the family, especially when young children are present and "Playa Brava", which are carried out most watersports.

Areas to buy a house Punta Del Este

Houses for sale Uruguay the best Properties

The variety of houses to buy in Punta del Este is great, because you can find in all areas of all sizes and for all budgets and tastes. We'll show you which are the main points of Punta del Este where can buy a house to live:

Buy houses in Lugano | Uruguay relocation

Lugano is a forest filled with a variety of trees and gardens in height neighborhood. There are spacious and modern construction generally a very sought for neighborhood families.

Buying houses on the beach Brava

This is one of the most common destinations for families with youngsters. Here are many nearby homes for purchase that can be rented in summer.

Buying houses on the beach Mansa

There are many houses for rent that are relatively close to the beach. This way, you can save much time and naphtha, and walk to the beach.

Buy houses in Pinares

Pines is one of the most beautiful places in Punta del Este, where you can find classic houses of Punta del Este, with its gardens as the main attraction.

Buy houses in Cantegril

In Cantegril many brick and tile houses, surrounded by pine and eucalyptus trees. Its proximity to the beach and shops Mansa Roosevelt make an area also very chosen, in which permanent residents prevail over those who rent.

Buying houses on the peninsula

The Peninsula is the city center, bisected by the so named Gorlero Avenue. There is dominated by buildings, some tall (the best known are the typical towers Punta del Este), although there are some houses, some of great antiquity.

Buy houses in Punta Ballena and portezuelo

Punta Ballena is a very interesting place to visit, known for its caves. In that area and nearby Portezuelo can also find many houses to buy. Also in Rincón del Indio, San Rafael, Jose Ignacio and many other locations have to offer homes for sale.

Buy houses in La Barra

La Barra is a "magical" village with lots of art and natural beauty and architecture that appreciates until he knows nothing of the subject. Also many nightclubs are located there.

Main attractions of Punta del Este

Punta del Este is so known because of the many attractions it has. If we were to enumerate one by one would not get the text, so we will name them then what are the main and most popular attractions in this beautiful city, which will make the will to live there mutipliquen:

  • The Bar: Located 20 kilometers east of the peninsula. The streets are there and there are many rustic nature. However, there is a high level of tourist service. It has a unique architecture, making just cross the bridges a great experience. There are many celebrities who have a mansion for this place, because it is very attractive to tourists. The beach is popular for surfing, so there are many young families but also enjoy it.

  • Stop 3 of mansa beach: This stop is one of the most picturesque areas of Punta del Este. For those who like gambling, is there in Conrad, most famous resort and casino in Uruguay with lovely architecture and decoration.

  • Port: The walk along the harbor is a classic in Punta del Este. Good access and parking. Fishing is prohibited, biking or swimming, but there are many banks and beautiful scenery to look at and enjoy. Best of the harbor is certainly gastronomy, since the best seafood dishes sold in stalls and restaurants.

  • Lighthouse: The Lighthouse is the oldest building in Punta del Este. It was created in 1858 in "La Isla de Lobos" and moved in 1860 to the Peninsula. Is 44 meters high, and even today still active, emitting flashes every eight seconds. When subis the lighthouse (150 steps) you can see the Punta de la Salina.

  • Hand: Stop In four of the brava beach is "The Hand", a sculpture of cement made in 1982 by the Chilean artist Mario Irrazábal. Today, the hand is part of a series of sculptures located in the Paseo de las Americas, at the entrance of the peninsula. 

  • Arroyo Maldonado: This stream is one of the most beautiful areas of Punta del Este. Here nautical sports and ecotourism are made. Two smaller streams feed the stream, forming islands in the path. The entire area where the creek meets the sea is the famous resort called "La Barra", one of the most exclusive spots of Punta del Este.

  • The Caves: The caves are a set of caves, formed between cliffs by the sea. They are popular for all tourists. The rocky labyrinths have, are preserved in their natural state. As beach is very nice with many stones and shells and the visit of many seagulls and fishermen.

Why choose a property to live in Punta del Este

Whenever you want to buy or rent a property, it is essential to have the right advice in order to make the right decisions. Hiring a good realtor will have access to offers better prices, because the houses were priced by professional and adjusted to market realities, and is not a price that emerges from the owner who is fond of their properties.

Another advantage of hiring a realtor, is that you can solve moving in less time, because it saves a lot of time making visit and evaluate only the properties that were previously selected by the agent, which are responsive to their needs and wish previously consulted. Besides, you have the comfort that gives the legality of development and those involved in the transaction.

For any problem that might come up, will not be alone, but you'll get the professional support and the easiest solution, avoid entering endless operations disorder in the documentation and situations that may never achieve.

The process of negotiations, which is often so tiring, is avoided if you hire a real estate because it can maintain a clear and specific position on operations from objective relations not to be congenial in character the people involved.

La Cite, your real estate agency

The real estate Cite was created in Argentina in 1982, and 11 years later opened offices in Uruguay. Today it is a leader in its field, and people still choose due to the great attention and excellent quality of service

Our service is so popular and known, that our customers are not only in South America but also in the US and Europe. Other companies excel because we are the only one who can serve their clients in Spanish, English and German.

Due to the increase in customers from Northern Europe, we have a representative in the town of Westerland located on the island of Sylt, located in the North Sea. There also welcomes those who want to settle permanently in Uruguay, and he counsels and advises legally to get your immigrant visa.

Services we offer in La Cite Real Estate

In the Cite offer several services for the comfort and tranquility of our customers. These are both people who rent, and for those who wish to remain indefinitely in Punta del Este and want to buy a property to live there.

Valuation of properties

In La Cite Real Estate, we have the power to make the official appraisals of properties to be presented to any court or government entity because we are members of the Association of Realtors of Punta del Este. This allows us to assess any property, whether for sale or rent. However, this does not lightly done, but to do it properly you must visit the site and evaluate several things from it, such as location and status, and once done that contact you to set the price at which will be offered.

Relocation of foreign

There are many foreigners who want to move to Punta del Este. It is precisely for them that we have a filing service that includes finding a property, assistance in obtaining permanent residence and the mediation of a moving company.

Also collaborate in the search for a property to buy and rent and is the taste of the client, and obtaining an immigrant visa. Not only that, but we offer the administration of the property while they are not present, so they can rest assured that we will take care when you are not.

In La Cite can also help for a possible life in Punta del Este, and cooperating with helping him to open bank accounts, to which contact utilities and we hired a moving company. For children, advise you on finding a school.

Property management service

If you leave your property us, we give you the peace of mind that at any moment comes, will in perfect condition to live or to display it for sale or rent. the properties are reviewed twice a week by employees of our absolute confidence asearlas and ventilate. in this so we will make sure everything is nice and clean.

 for the safety of the house you can rest assured that we have alarm 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. what we do when we visited, it is seen that everything is in good condition. If you need any repairs or maintenance, the owners will be informed and we take care of seeking to introduce many budgets so they can fix everything quickly and easily. We will not touch anything without the permission of the owners, so there are no drawbacks.