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Uruguay as new home. Moving to Uruguay

Many people decide to move to Uruguay for its many advantages, and improve their quality of life in a country that stands increasingly be safe, economically stable and surrounded by natural beauty.

Punta del Este is the tourist destination to visit Uruguay. For many years it became popular as a holiday resort and real estate infrastructure has grown exponentially and continues to set trends as a city in Latin America.

Beaches and spas

 The climate is mild and well differentiated the four seasons, without major upheavals of temperatures and few established facts of natural disasters. Moving to Uruguay, Find the Most Splendid and Beautiful Property for Sale Uruguay

One of the attributes of Punta del Este that stand out are its beaches and resorts, as opposed has both a beach ideal for sports and one that is preferred by those looking to relax and disconnect.

One of the two most notable beaches of Punta del Este is known as "La Brava", named for its intense waves that allows the practice of water sports like surfing and wakeboarding.

On the other hand, tourists or residents seeking calmer waters and an air of tranquility and relaxation opt for "The meek", a beach whose waves are quieter and its biggest advantage is their peace.

Events in Punta del Este

The cultural offer is wide and varied and allows for insured entertainment for all tastes and ages.

During high season in summer, often excel cultural events ranging from street entertainment to prestigious film festivals.

Live safer, live better

It is known that Uruguay stands out for its security and compliance requirements of laws, thus becomes a desired point for those who want to live with greater confidence regarding safety.

Punta del Este Weather

The climate is mild and well differentiated the four seasons, without major upheavals of temperatures and few established facts of natural disasters. In summer, warm weather allows fully enjoy spas.

One of the most popular destinations is definitely Punta del Este. It is not only one of the most visited cities in Uruguay but also has established itself as one of the busiest tourist spots in Latin America.

Advantages of Uruguay


Uruguay has a stable economy and has not undergone major changes or drastic financial devaluations in recent years, a further advantage that generates more and more companies decide to settle in the country.


Therefore people who live there or energy which quickly spread tourists arriving, Uruguay is a country that encourages relaxation and tranquility.

Moving to Uruguay. Business opportunities in Punta del Este

The best houses. Moving to uruguayThinking of buying a property or more specifically one apartment or house in Uruguay, it is best to seek advice regarding areas, lifestyles and budgets to find the possibility of buying more suited to your needs.

More and more companies are nstalled in Uruguay, generating greater number of jobs and investment opportunities.

Not all neighborhoods of Punta del Este are equal, although each has its particular advantages, neighborhoods such as José Ignacio, Chihuahua or Punta whale differ from each other and it is just a matter of you find the one that generates more comfort him.

Business opportunities with property

The purchase of apartments and houses in Uruguay is not only a possibility of purchasing a new place to live but also to use that property as a business opportunity by annual rental or during high season.

Investing in property

Being a financially stable, investment in real estate is a convenient bet as the price of property you buy hard down drastically; On the contrary, properties and their prices are booming because the city continues to grow.

That's why investing in one of the apartments in Punta del Este is a successful and little risky option.

Moving to Uruguay.

A place to enjoy

There is also the possibility of purchasing an apartment as a summer house or place of escape.

According to every budget

Since there is a very wide range, it is possible to find apartments in Punta del Este that are consistent every budget available.

There are different styles in complex constructions either apartments or houses ranging from classical and colonial buildings to modern and trendy style.

Investment pit

Another good option is to invest in a construction pit and go financing the purchase of the property as it is built.

But the number of apartments in Punta del Este is varied enough to choose a property purchase immediately.

A proper place

Whether to live, to wear during the summer or to rent and earn extra income, invest in a property is always a good option to keep the cost and savings arrival can not devalue an economic crisis.

You can view our property search the apartment or house to measure, depend on the need, number of people that inhabit it, tastes and amenities needed the apartment you choose, but it is important to consult with a real estate experience for them to find a apartment as his life.


That's why if you want to rent the apartment to buy as a way to partially recover the investment sales can rest assured that when such an important tourist spot in the region, there will always be who want to rent.

A destination that gets old

When choosing where to buy, keep in mind that Punta del Este is a destination that gets old.

A natural shelter

This city is held in its position as one of the most visited and most chosen both for celebrities such as families who want to enjoy their natural beauty and places many advantages.

Hence their economic stability, without drastic climate changes and security to wander the streets, Punta del Este is a reliable place to invest in buying a property and to choose as a new place to live your life.

The comfort of being close and distant at the same time, with the possibility to enjoy its many natural attractions, its supply and cultural movement without having to travel too make this town ideal for all ages.

Real Estate specializing in Punta del Este

It is important that when choosing one of the apartments in Punta del Este previously advise with a realtor who is experienced not only in the field but on sale in the city you choose, and you can answer your questions and help choose the best option for you.

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