Beachfront Punta del Este Homes for Sale 2023

Paradise Punta del Este, chosen each year 

Beachfront Punta del Este Homes for Sale 2023

When the days get longer and the spring season is coming, begin to think harder in the summer we are inexorably coming. We began to dream of beaches, long days in the sun and shared family time. For Argentines, especially those of Buenos Aires, Punta del Este is in many decades a preferred destination. It is a tradition that does not leave us, for the city, since the beginning of its history and from the golden age of the 30s of last century, has been able to grow and offer alternatives that are at the forefront of the tourist places in the world , but has managed to do it without losing its magic, its delightful blend of luxury, nature and simplicity, all in one place. Therefore, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Latin America by people from all over the world. The enormísima variety of dining options, entertainment and art exhibitions add a touch of cosmopolitanism that also becomes irresistible to celebrities around the world, which give Esteña glamor to the night. 

Whether walking 

Punta del Este has wonderful beaches, who can doubt it. But is not only that, it also has many nature reserves, scenery and walks that attract tourists from all over. El Faro, the Isla de los Lobos, antique shops of La Barra, bridges, Casapueblo ... there are many things to Punta del Este also offers beaches and restaurants. 

The advantages of renting a house 

Renting a house in Punta del Este is an option although at first glance may seem more expensive, it is not s and in return offers many advantages. And we say it is not so expensive, because if you take into account that, Unlike the hotel, the rental value does not change with the number of passengers and you do not need eating out all the time because you can cook in the house, you will see that the price per person is not as high.

Comfort and independence 

It is common knowledge that giving comfort staying in a house is unmatched. This is so for many reasons. Having to advertise on the receipt each time respect timings for breakfast, times of entry and exit, cleaning schedules, find the elevator and hallways with all kinds of people with whom one has no desire to interact, have receive friends in the lobby, they are some of the things so annoying having to stay in a hotel or an inn. The house is quite the opposite: it is the time that is rented for a few days or for a month, how important one is as owner of the vacation home as your own home. You come when you want, eat when you want, if you want out if it wants not ... well, comfort is maximum. 

Ideal to go with kids 

Anyone who has traveled with kids knows how difficult it is trying to move in a children enjoy without disturbing neighboring hotel. He also knows that a rainy day means having to go shopping for a wander to pass the time, because you can not keep the children locked in the hotel room. So a house is ideal for traveling with children: do not worry so much about noise they make in their games while giving the freedom to stay doing nothing, resting, watching movies on a rainy afternoon. 

For large groups, it is also an excellent choice 

Also when traveling with many friends is a great option because it allows accommodate many for the same price. 

More spaces to enjoy 

In a House there are common spaces where we can do that we want, which is to enjoy with family or friends, games, food and conversation. We also have guests to dinner and, as the houses are often equipped with everything you need. 


  Beachfront Punta del Este Homes for Sale 2023. Punta del Este is diverse in growth districts have been formed that have different characteristics. According to our lifestyle and the beach of our choice, we can choose the best option

Different areas, for everyone 

Punta del Este is diverse: in growth districts have been formed that have different characteristics. According to our lifestyle and the beach of our choice, we can choose the best option. 

Peninsula, to the throbbing heart of the city 

Peninsula is the heart of the city, with his famous avenue Gorlero where we find all kinds of businesses, theaters, cinemas, bars, cafes ... There the tower, so characteristic of the city, but there are some houses buildings predominate.

Homes Punta del Este 2023: Roosevelt 

Roosevelt is also a major commercial hub, where you can find some houses between tall buildings. 

Houseboat for summer 2023: Cantegril 

In Cantegril abound brick and tile home located in conifer and eucalyptus groves. It is very close to La Mansa and Roosevelt shops, making it a very dynamic location. 

Houseboat for summer 2023: Lugano 

Meanwhile, Lugano near La Brava and has very spacious, modern houses with large gardens in height, protected by a large wooded. 

Homes Punta del Este 2023: The Golf 

The Golf is very important residences with large gardens to the leafy shade of the trees. It is within walking distance of La Brava and has quick access to Peninsula and La Barra. 

The pine is close to Mansa and has those typical houses roofed barbecue and large type and manicured gardens. 

Houseboat for summer 2023: San Rafael 

San Rafael is another area where you can find spacious houses with gardens, close to La Brava. 

Punta Ballena 

Moving away a bit from the center, you can find homes in this rugged area as characterized by its caves. 

Houseboat for summer 2023: The Bar and Springs 

Crossing the bridge we got to La Barra, a former fishing village that still keeps its charm, adding comfort and excellent food service. There you can find all kinds of houses, from the very simple to the most luxurious. Still farther Springs is a rugged area with interesting homes. 

Other areas 

This list does not exhaust the possibilities to stay in Punta del Este. Ask real estate for other options. 

The Uruguay Cité, many years of strong market presence 

La Cité Began Operation in Uruguay in 1993 and has since made a number of transactions with customers from all over the world.